Sunday, October 18, 2009

Favourite Superfoods

There are many foods that have very high vitamin and mineral content, antioxidants and good oils and carbohydrates. Here is a list of my favourites.

1. Goji berries (otherwise known as Chinese wolfberries).
2. Seaweed
3. Avocados
4. Pine nuts
5. Cashews
6. Golden berries
7. Miso
8. Blueberries
9. Oily fish (like salmon)
10. Red cabbage
11. Purple onion
12. Garlic
13. Sunflower seeds
14. Raw honey (like honeycomb)
15. Wild rice (when I can afford it!)
16. Rosehip
17. Peppermint
18. Sage
19. Bananas
20. Mangoes
21. Sweet potatoes
22. Green tea
23. Molasses
24. Kale
25. Eggs (especially from larger birds)
26. Wheat germ
27. Olive oil
28. Sesame seeds (and oil)

Besides being delicious, these foods are a wonder in themselves. If you are interested in finding out why I think these foods are so great, research them. There are other things that I like, but they are pretty average on the superfoods level.

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