Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rainbow Stir-fry


1 cup brown rice
1/2 cup soup mix (lentils, barley etc.)
handful of seaweed
1 can fish (of choice)
1 small can mushrooms
handful of nuts (cashews are best)
pesto (to taste)
garlic (to taste)
salt (to taste)
mixed herbs
sweet chili sauce (to taste)
lemon pepper (to taste)
lemon or lime juice (to taste)
soy sauce (to taste)
miso (to taste)
olive oil
tomatoes and/or red capsicum (red)
carrots (orange)
corn or squashes (yellow)
bok choy or similar (green)
parsley (green)
Broccoli (green)
maybe eggplant (blue)
red cabbage (purple)

How to:
1. Put rice and soup mix on the boil with a teaspoon of garlic and a large dose of mixed herbs and salt. Add a handful of shredded seaweed (very healthy).
2. After about half an hour, make a sauce in a large frying pan, using water, olive oil, any favorite herbs, garlic, pesto, chili sauce, soy sauce, lemon or lime juice. Tasting is the best way to get it right. You can also improvise with promite (marmite) and peanut butter as thickeners. Add can of fish and can of mushrooms. Add nuts.
3. Chop up vegetables to go in the frying pan (not too hot to retain vitamins). Things with a small surface area goes in first (carrots, eggplant, squashes). This is where aesthetics comes in, so chop the carrots diagonally and halve them. Things that need less cooking like greens, cabbage and capsicum go in second. Miso goes in last as it should not get too hot.
4. As the rice mix should be cooked (try to avoid draining to retain b vitamins), it is ready to be served. Scoop a ladle of rice mix into each bowl, them top it with the frying pan mix (make sure they get enough sauce). It should be filling and attractive in colour and taste.

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