Thursday, May 19, 2011

Does the Living God Look Like a Double Helix?

This is just speculation. Here is the concept. All living things have one thing in common: the blue print DNA. Could it be that the "Living" God mentioned in various religious texts looks like a DNA strand. Maybe that is the likeness to God we are all supposed to have. I have difficulty imagining something as reportedly great as God as a human figure, but God as a spiralling cooperative mass of basic information on how to build life makes a lot more sense. Especially for a "living God". Of course, if all of these premises are correct it implies that anything with DNA is made in the image of God. Animals, plants, even people we don't like. I think something as multidimensional as God is capable of that. Of course, we all know that the Eternal Life of the Living God is (or maybe produces) pure light/energy, and is a thing of the spirit. However, as is common with a spiritual things, it could be true in both the spirit and the physical. They could even be affecting each other. I'm not presuming that any of this is true, but it is a rather a pleasant neat concept.

Chaff Paper

We have all seen rice paper. Here is another idea. How about using chaff from wheat to make paper? That way we reduce the amount of trees that need to be logged for paper. If the cleared land becomes chaff producing farmland, it will reduce further logging. I googled chaff paper and it does not seem to have been done. I was wondering why.

Solar Powered Kettles

I had this idea for a solar powered kettle that works like a sun oven. However, when I googled it I found that not only has it already been done, but there are some very advanced ones on the market. Google it yourself. I was thinking it would be great for camping. So this is more of an ad. I would like to get one myself.