Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Account of Rebirthing

A few years ago I was at a real low point in my life, which I won't bore you with the details. A woman I will always be grateful to, who I lost contact with, took me to a free seminar on rebirthing. At the seminar they talked about rebirthing, most of which I can't remember, but although I was taken by the idea, I had neither the time nor finances to do it. We did some of the breathing, and afterwards we were asked if anyone felt a tingling sensation. I definitely did. However, I had to leave a very unhappy situation, it was beyond my means, and that was that. Or so I thought.
At this point I will explain what rebirthing is. It is a form of breathwork (in fact it is known as breathwork as well), in which prana (breath) is used to release painful memories stored on a cellular level that are holding us back in repeated patterns and depressing fear and angst. Often the most painful part of someones life is being born, so often that is the pain that is stored in the cellular level. Hence the name rebirthing. However other painful experiences can be released. Once you release the pain, you are liberated emotionally to experience new divine feelings. Your right as a Cosmic Being.
Rebirthing was discovered/invented by Leonard Orr in the spiritual seekings of the 1970's. He was seeking a way to live forever.
Anyway, back to my story. I went and stayed with a relative when I spontaneously started to rebirth. I knew what was happening as I had attended the seminar. However, I didn't know about spontaneous rebirthing (a spono as it is called by those in the know). It's good I knew about it from the seminar because if I hadn't I would have thought I was dying! I think the seminar simply showed my soul what I needed to do.
Well I rebirthed hard for about 3 months. I could have slowed down (I had been shown the technique for slowing the process), but I didn't want to. I am a bit gung-ho like that. Most people do it in 2 hour sessions once a week, which is recommended by professionals, and with a professional to talk them through it and offer reassurance and monitor the progress. I recommended to do it that way.
At first I stayed in bed warm and safe (recommended by professionals), but life goes on, so I was rebirthing at the supermarket, at administrators, waiting in cues, catching trains and planes, even smoking (definitely not recommended by experts).
It started with a pleasant tingling, but when it got really deep, in was painful. My bones ached terribly, I prayed it was so agonising, I couldn't move because I hurt so much. I think I may have been releasing foetal addiction to Valium or life threatening malaria or some other close shave of my infancy or early childhood.
And then the good bit started. I saw all this darkness lift off me as a great cloud and I went into this beautiful golden light which made everyone and everything look angelic and complete. I was still rebirthing and after a while I went deep into the Light. It was there that I experienced Christ consciousness and Buddha consciousness and had some wonderful transcendental Cosmic experiences (I was already aware of extra dimensional stuff). It was worth it definitely!
However, because I had unknowingly been in the dark spiritually for a long time, going into the light was a shock in that it showed me where I had been. That took some integrating emotionally. A professional would have been most useful at that point because I thought I was quite evolved and found where I had been spiritually quite distressing. There is nothing wrong with being in the dark (in fact it can be quite restful), but I wasn't in a pleasant place in the dark.
I now get light when I'm in a good place emotionally and mentally, and my favourite light is the soft Golden Light (angelic). Deep light can make you feel a bit like a stunned mullet and be distracting from the good task, thinking or feeling that brought it to you. I have also been told that too much of it can be damaging, but I'm not sure.
If you don't understand the concept of spiritual Light and Darkness (both having their strengths and weaknesses), research Buddha's EnLightenment, or Christ's Light for starters. It's what they mean when a light bulb shines above the head of a character in a cartoon. Another effect that rebirthing had is that my hands and feet were always icy cold before rebirthing, and now they are quite reasonably warm. I also get fire (heat) in the spirit when I am uncomfortable, which I didn't get at all before, which started years after I rebirthed and isn't related to rebirthing. However, it relates to Light and Dark. I'm still getting used to the heat, it isn't my element. Light, Dark, Fire. It is all elementary building blocks in the spiritual journey!

Computer games

The first idea for a computer game or simulation is a "God" game. Its like a cross between Populace and Sim City, except that you are designing a running and functioning permacultured food forest or "farm". You have a set piece of land with its own gradients and features (water supply, original biomass, climate etc). The idea is to establish plants (with information on growing condition, effects on other lifeforms water and soil, companions, uses, annual or perennial), people, insects, animals so that the become a self sustaining ecosystem that runs itself. Problems that would come up such as inappropriate plants wouldn't establish, disease outbreaks in wet periods (and Eco solutions), population explosions of animals when food supply takes off. It could have a lot of detail, such as companion planting, being able to move the soil around, the state of the soil (clay, sand, loam), rainfall, climate (temperate, tropical), fungus (useful or destructive), "weeds" etc. You could buy stuff from the nursery with money made from the produce.
There could be an easy level (simple with a good piece of land), a moderate and a hard level. It would be good to have a feature where you can set your own piece of land so that people who already have land or are thinking of getting some can work out how to establish the ecology roughly without the painful real time/space/expense process of trial and error.

The idea for the second game or simulation is another "God" game. In this game, you get to run an natural ecosystem. In it you have plants, animals, insects, fungi, bacteria. There is herbivore prey (small and large) and omnivores and carnivores (hunters and scavengers), of which you have to maintain the right balance. There are natural features such as climate, geography, water supply.
It would be a great interactive way to educate youth on the environment, and quite satisfying to play (as an adult). It would be great also to have a feature that you can be one of the creatures at will. So if things are going well, you can roam the grasslands as one of the lions or rabbits. It would also be interesting to try and incorporate humans into that ecology, to see what effect they have at varying levels of development. That would be a great way to educate, and make the game more fun.

They are both massive projects which would need a lot of patient research and design, but it would be well worth the time and energy because it would change lives for the better.

I Stand Under

I don't understand
I stand under
And wonder

All I want
Is Now
All I need
I have

I want to weave
My own way
In and out
Of the day


Friday, July 31, 2009

Indigo and Crystal Children

Indigo and Crystal Children are an interesting manifestation of the consciousness raising of Humanity that is a natural part of the evolution of us as a species.

Indigo children have been manifesting on Earth for about 100 years in small amounts. These people are very spiritually evolved, deep thinkers and change creators. After WW II quite a few were born, hence advancements in technology, arts, philosophy, and social justice. During the 70's the first serious wave of Indigos were born. This wave continued until the 2000's, where Crystal children started to be born. 90% of children born since 2000 are Crystal or Indigo children.

The major difference between Indigos and Crystal children is that Indigos have a warrior spirit, because their job was to break down parts of our society that are dysfunctionally inept, unjust and controlling for questionable motivation. Crystal children on the other hand are peaceful creatures who abide by the Law of One, or the melding of the group mind. Their job is to create something more functional, just and accurately able to serve humanity as a whole where the unhealthy parts of our society was destroyed by the Indigos. Once an Indigos job is done they often evolve into Crystals. Non-Indigo or Crystal people can, with leadership and guidance from the the Indigos and Crystals, and by their own efforts, evolve into the higher vibrations of the Indigos and Crystals.

Both Indigos and Crystals are very spiritually evolved and can often see spirits, energy or have multidimensional visions. Indigos dislike a lack of integrity, being lied to, refuse to conform to the dysfunctional, being patronised, being misused or abused, and can sense fear like a dog. They often instinctively know when what is being said and what is actually happening don't match up. Sometimes adults and establishments find their warrior spirit threatening. They need a temper and fighter attitude to do their work. Sometimes they get diagnosed as autistic, ADHD, or sidelined or generally misunderstood or even persecuted by people who find change or benign difference threatening. However, Indigos and Crystals are here for the higher purpose of making life as a whole better for humanity in ways others don't understand yet. These people should be thanked and helped instead of being hassled for Being who the Are. Attempting to crush their freedom to do their work is very self destructive.

Indigo children have indigo auras (third eye, high vibration, spiritually evolved) while Crystal children have multicoloured pastel auras. Indigo and silver auras are associated with the Feminine whereas red and gold auras are associated with the Masculine.

The purpose of Indigo and Crystal children is to remove any threat to the planet and to help humanity to evolve spiritually and technologically.

Here are some traits of the Indigo child:

# Technological children - born to use computers.

# Potent amounts of energy

# Born with a feeling of importance (Like a royal).

# "I deserve to be here" attitude, sense of entitlement.

# Tell people "who they are", good self worth.

# Will not accept absolute authority (dictatorships) without question, especially if it's unjustly enforced.

# Finding tasks like waiting in line frustrating, often refusing to do it.

# Find ritual orientated systems frustrating, needing to be more creative.

# See better ways of doing things, "system busters" or change initiators.

# Non-conformists

# Antisocial or withdrawn unless with their own kind. Social or interpersonal difficulties.

# Unresponsive to guilt trips.

# Tell you what they need or want, also what they don't need or want.

# Intuitive to the level of displaying psychic ability.

# Sensitive to energy, thought or emotion.

# Creative and progressive in approaching tasks.

# Are unique, progressive and creative in approaches to life.

Not all indigos have all these personality traits and may exhibit it in their own unique way. Here are 4 general areas of the Indigo child:

Very good communicators. Excellent language skills. Like dealing with the masses. Friendly. Get involved with everyone and everything. People orientated multitaskers. Avid readers.

Head over heart people. Often involved with more then one project/vision/concept manifestation. Athletic to compensate for busy minds. Control issues with authorities of opposite sex. Addictive personality.

Artistic, creative, sensitive. Creator types. Will play at all art forms eventually focussing and mastering one.

Knows it all. Answer is "I already know that. I can do it. Leave me alone". Superior-like attitude may seem like bullying, but they are thinkers and ideas people. Bring new ways of thinking, spiritual practises. Leaders in non-conformist thinking and "system-busting" or change creation. May not fit into the current mainstream.

If your interest is piqued on the topic some books are:
Understanding Your Life Through Colour by Nancy Ann Tapp
Indigo Children: the new kids are here by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
Indigo and Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue.