Friday, July 31, 2009

Indigo and Crystal Children

Indigo and Crystal Children are an interesting manifestation of the consciousness raising of Humanity that is a natural part of the evolution of us as a species.

Indigo children have been manifesting on Earth for about 100 years in small amounts. These people are very spiritually evolved, deep thinkers and change creators. After WW II quite a few were born, hence advancements in technology, arts, philosophy, and social justice. During the 70's the first serious wave of Indigos were born. This wave continued until the 2000's, where Crystal children started to be born. 90% of children born since 2000 are Crystal or Indigo children.

The major difference between Indigos and Crystal children is that Indigos have a warrior spirit, because their job was to break down parts of our society that are dysfunctionally inept, unjust and controlling for questionable motivation. Crystal children on the other hand are peaceful creatures who abide by the Law of One, or the melding of the group mind. Their job is to create something more functional, just and accurately able to serve humanity as a whole where the unhealthy parts of our society was destroyed by the Indigos. Once an Indigos job is done they often evolve into Crystals. Non-Indigo or Crystal people can, with leadership and guidance from the the Indigos and Crystals, and by their own efforts, evolve into the higher vibrations of the Indigos and Crystals.

Both Indigos and Crystals are very spiritually evolved and can often see spirits, energy or have multidimensional visions. Indigos dislike a lack of integrity, being lied to, refuse to conform to the dysfunctional, being patronised, being misused or abused, and can sense fear like a dog. They often instinctively know when what is being said and what is actually happening don't match up. Sometimes adults and establishments find their warrior spirit threatening. They need a temper and fighter attitude to do their work. Sometimes they get diagnosed as autistic, ADHD, or sidelined or generally misunderstood or even persecuted by people who find change or benign difference threatening. However, Indigos and Crystals are here for the higher purpose of making life as a whole better for humanity in ways others don't understand yet. These people should be thanked and helped instead of being hassled for Being who the Are. Attempting to crush their freedom to do their work is very self destructive.

Indigo children have indigo auras (third eye, high vibration, spiritually evolved) while Crystal children have multicoloured pastel auras. Indigo and silver auras are associated with the Feminine whereas red and gold auras are associated with the Masculine.

The purpose of Indigo and Crystal children is to remove any threat to the planet and to help humanity to evolve spiritually and technologically.

Here are some traits of the Indigo child:

# Technological children - born to use computers.

# Potent amounts of energy

# Born with a feeling of importance (Like a royal).

# "I deserve to be here" attitude, sense of entitlement.

# Tell people "who they are", good self worth.

# Will not accept absolute authority (dictatorships) without question, especially if it's unjustly enforced.

# Finding tasks like waiting in line frustrating, often refusing to do it.

# Find ritual orientated systems frustrating, needing to be more creative.

# See better ways of doing things, "system busters" or change initiators.

# Non-conformists

# Antisocial or withdrawn unless with their own kind. Social or interpersonal difficulties.

# Unresponsive to guilt trips.

# Tell you what they need or want, also what they don't need or want.

# Intuitive to the level of displaying psychic ability.

# Sensitive to energy, thought or emotion.

# Creative and progressive in approaching tasks.

# Are unique, progressive and creative in approaches to life.

Not all indigos have all these personality traits and may exhibit it in their own unique way. Here are 4 general areas of the Indigo child:

Very good communicators. Excellent language skills. Like dealing with the masses. Friendly. Get involved with everyone and everything. People orientated multitaskers. Avid readers.

Head over heart people. Often involved with more then one project/vision/concept manifestation. Athletic to compensate for busy minds. Control issues with authorities of opposite sex. Addictive personality.

Artistic, creative, sensitive. Creator types. Will play at all art forms eventually focussing and mastering one.

Knows it all. Answer is "I already know that. I can do it. Leave me alone". Superior-like attitude may seem like bullying, but they are thinkers and ideas people. Bring new ways of thinking, spiritual practises. Leaders in non-conformist thinking and "system-busting" or change creation. May not fit into the current mainstream.

If your interest is piqued on the topic some books are:
Understanding Your Life Through Colour by Nancy Ann Tapp
Indigo Children: the new kids are here by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober
Indigo and Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue.

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  1. I love this article, Im introducing the phrase "Indigo child/children" at work. I hate the depersonalising labels which are foistered on kids by psycho-logists.