Friday, October 22, 2010

Rebellious Brain Stem

The emotions that are in the hard-wiring of the brain causes one to think of what survival instincts are active in a fit of rebellion and how that evolve to effect the brain structure.
When you have a "hissy fit" of rebellion it is your hypothalamus and amygdala that are most active. Logically, rebellion is a way of getting to resources (essential to survival, in your primal hard-wiring) that are threatened if co-operation isn't going to satisfy your resource needs. Lets walk through the necessary stages for rebellion to occur instinctively, with and without gaining the loot.
Firstly, through your senses (very animal part of the brain), you must perceive a lack or restricted resources, usually that someone has sway over, but not necessarily. If you are cold, hungry, unsheltered, under fire, or in some way not getting your basic needs met (including sex), and being compliant is unlikely to change that, a set of defiance-for-survival primal triggers in your hypothalamus. You are more likely to "tell someone where to get off" if you are cold, wet, lost and hungry (needs not being met) then if you are warm, dry safe and eating. This includes getting enough social stroking. If a teenager with cold parents gets grounded on a socially important weekend, they are very likely to sneak out for social strokes and sex as a survival instinct.
So basically modern humans take on a "fair" and co-operative based interaction to get needs met, but if basic resources is perceived to be ungainable through the softer (and less energetic) method, at a certain point rebellion kicks in in the fight or flight department, (social, actually resource based"Its unfair"etc) as an alternative way to get needs met.
So the hypothalamus sends a signal to the amydala that homeostasis is inadequate because of the current situation. If we get a hit from the adrenal glands as well (the boss yells at you), it will kick in the defiance-for-survival instinct in rebellion. The irritability when hungry is similar to the feeling of rebellion on a low level. It is the amygdala that causes us to be disgusted with (eg. status quo), and become angry enough to rebel. People are more likely to mob for food then fiber optics. Not only does the amygdala provide us the uncomfortable "red alerts" of disgust and anger as a motivating force, but it controls the fight or flight responses as well. So it works with its close neighbour the hypothalamus to set off the whole fight or slight of hand (passive aggressive) instinct range.
If you look where then hypothalamus, pituarity gland and amygdala are placed in the physical brain, one sees them gather at the top of the brain stem, under the bulk of the brain. It seems to me as a group they are bit of a gate between more conscious thought and brain stem instincts. Where they are is like the frontal lobes if the brain stem were a whole brain. To the brain bulk, the hypothalamus and amygdala are in the more primal hard wired instinct part of the brain. If there was no brain stem, the hypothalamus is at the most instinctive area, and the amygdala is part of the limbic brain, more evolved then the brain stem but still very hard-wired. The limbic system and the stuff at the top of the brain-stem are comparatively like the brain stem. If the brain was a hologram, the limbic/hypothalamus system is the small to the bulk brains big, and big to the brain stem's small.
The hypothalamus is triggered by smell quite profoundly and it could be mentioned here that we smell more then we consciously acknowledge. When we smell a lack in resources it effects us. If we smell others have been eating better then us, or what stage a person is at sexually (resource orientated), it affects our instinctive mood. We may not be conscious of it, it is like the smell of fear, strongly affecting the primal driving force.
Drug addiction is an interesting double link with the rebellious instinct. The hypothalamus is tricked into thinking the drug is an essential to homeostasis, causing the lack of said intoxicant to trigger the rebellious instinct like a positive feedback loop.
Compulsive kleptomania is very much a resource instinct (therefore primal) gone awry. Can't get what you need? Justify it to yourself that "they" are being unfair and then even righteously steal it. The need is met and guilt can washed away with gain and righteousness of fighting the unfairness.

One Liners

I admire old people because they made it to old, and a lot don't.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rainbow Stir-fry


1 cup brown rice
1/2 cup soup mix (lentils, barley etc.)
handful of seaweed
1 can fish (of choice)
1 small can mushrooms
handful of nuts (cashews are best)
pesto (to taste)
garlic (to taste)
salt (to taste)
mixed herbs
sweet chili sauce (to taste)
lemon pepper (to taste)
lemon or lime juice (to taste)
soy sauce (to taste)
miso (to taste)
olive oil
tomatoes and/or red capsicum (red)
carrots (orange)
corn or squashes (yellow)
bok choy or similar (green)
parsley (green)
Broccoli (green)
maybe eggplant (blue)
red cabbage (purple)

How to:
1. Put rice and soup mix on the boil with a teaspoon of garlic and a large dose of mixed herbs and salt. Add a handful of shredded seaweed (very healthy).
2. After about half an hour, make a sauce in a large frying pan, using water, olive oil, any favorite herbs, garlic, pesto, chili sauce, soy sauce, lemon or lime juice. Tasting is the best way to get it right. You can also improvise with promite (marmite) and peanut butter as thickeners. Add can of fish and can of mushrooms. Add nuts.
3. Chop up vegetables to go in the frying pan (not too hot to retain vitamins). Things with a small surface area goes in first (carrots, eggplant, squashes). This is where aesthetics comes in, so chop the carrots diagonally and halve them. Things that need less cooking like greens, cabbage and capsicum go in second. Miso goes in last as it should not get too hot.
4. As the rice mix should be cooked (try to avoid draining to retain b vitamins), it is ready to be served. Scoop a ladle of rice mix into each bowl, them top it with the frying pan mix (make sure they get enough sauce). It should be filling and attractive in colour and taste.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eureka! Water fills the Space!

Recycling water is a very sensible idea in this day and age. Firstly, we have less living biomass to bring naturally clean, filtered water. Also, with metropolises bursting at their overfed seams, it is time for the piping of water to be rethought.
The dual pipe system is a very good idea. Household and industrial water is removed and reused (cleaned) as industrial water (after all, industry rarely needs distilled standard water). Clean river and rain water is used for household use. Effluent (toilet) water could be kept on a third system, separate from household water and commercial use. Commercial water that was first used as toilet water is fine, but for something else the future is bringing to us. The small methane gas power generators that will be a standard feature of a house, just like the rainwater tank or the solar power grid. These things are inevitable as the well fed populations of today expand.
Using the recycled effluent water for drinking is unwise as it may still have traces of minerals and antibiotics that contaminate it. Sure, it is probably clean physically, but energetically one cannot be so certain. In homeopathic schools of thought, water retains the vibration of what it has contained. If it has flowed through rivers or fallen as rain, it is fit for consumption. Also, psychologically, having water that is "pure" can really effect public morale.
Also, with cleaning water to reuse for drinking, mistakes can be made. Although it is a slim risk, if it went wrong (old, dirty equipment, wear and tear, human error) the effects could be dire, with huge class actions (legal bills). The costs of maintaining a system to a very high standard so the risks of disaster are lessened and insurance must be taken into account by both governments and private operators who are contemplating using waste water for household use. When times are easy it can look good to do, but what about when times are tough? If there are serious cutbacks on spending in leaner times, could cost saving endanger users?
I think letting recycled flow back into the ground water system is fine. Ponds, pools, lakes, rivers, mires (particularly) will clean the water as it passes through silt and plant life. In the homeopathic sense, it is re-energized by being in nature. If returning it to river systems, deltas are a better choice then rivers flowing inland, because of cases of disaster, but also there are more bogs and swamps, which is one natures ways of causing extremely clean waters.
Rates and taxes (and tax exemptions) could easily arranged to encourage good water use, pay for production costs and even raise revenue for other projects. One can imagine that in the near future laws being passed that the building industry must include a water tank, recycled water pipes, solar panels and methane gas power generators. New suburbs will require water recycling facilities. These are all potential cash cows for governments. At worst, they will pay their way.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Medics With Arms

There is a sad fact that people either are not aware of or ignore. When people are in pain or unwell they can sometimes mistake a helping hand for a threat. Animals do too, as a vet can tell you. The more acutely they are damaged, the more likely to see a threat instead of aide. So jobs like the red cross or ambulance drivers have difficulty with some of the people they are trying to help. Doctors are often the worst patients! I have heard horrible stories both from the media and personal accounts.
Also, during wars or gang fights or personal vendettas, sometimes medics are attacked by bystanders because the people who have injured the patient do not wish them to recover. Humans are territorial hunters by nature, with an ability to be ruthless, a sad fact.
A solution to the dangerous task of helping the injured is to arm medics. Most medics would not like that, because they are the caring type usually, so you can imagine they would only use it in extreme cases. However, in the light of human nature, it could be wise to anyway.
If they had a gun with three shots of tranquillisers, followed with three shots of rubber bullets, it is my belief that in dangerous situations, that could be a life saver, for for the medic, the patient, and the bystanders. In war zones, a second weapon with just pure bullets may be a necessary evil. Medics are not the type to like the idea, but veteran medics are the best type to consult about it, as they are more realistic about the dangers of the job. A rookie probably have stars in their eyes still about being Florence Nightingale reincarnated.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Creative Thinking vs Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a catch cry and common philosophy throughout society. We often tell ourselves and others to think positively, especially when the chips are down. However, if you have ever tried to edit your thoughts or speech to only think positive thoughts you may have first got tired, then irritated, and then had a hopefully minor explosion of negativity. This is because ignoring the unpleasant doesn't make it go away, even if you try to put a positive spin on it. It will bubble up like a revolution of the downtrodden. In fact, trying to Pollyanna in a volatile situation can actually be dangerous to the person or others (like trying to pat a rabid dog).
Also positive thinking vs negative thinking is very dualistic in it's philosophy (this is good/this is bad), and is judgement based. It is a very black and white (as opposing extremes) in it's scope. You can only be wrong or right. The scope is very limited. Here is an alternative that allows the full spectrum.
The idea is Creative Thinking. If you have a problem to solve, you work beyond the scope of positive and negative, and try to start to look at the full spectrum of options available to come up with a solution. It is the domain of brainstorming. Think of the elements to the objective that are necessary or fixed, and then bring other elements in and out of your thinking until you come up with a solution that makes you feel like it could be beneficial or constructive. You, if you want, are looking for something that works. Or you have the options of leaving it as it is, abstracting because you can, or giving it to someone else etc. The full gamut of possibility is there. It is absolutely necessary in creative thinking to think outside the box, even if the end conclusion is conservative.
If you have difficulty thinking beyond the normal viewpoint (whatever that is for you and yours), look into the ideas behind the Dada art movement. Alternatively, flip a coin while deciding what to do about a current problem, or what to plan to do in the next year. It isn't necessary to do what the coin decides, but it helps to think about it from an angle you may not have looked at from before. Also, imagining you are another person in the situation helps with thinking outside the box in a relevant way.
It is fine also to think in the black and white, positive and negative way as well. But I find it restrictive in the dualism, and two dimensional. I personally prefer the full spectrum of Creative Thinking. It accepts the rainbow of existence, including it's darknesses. And accepting all the elements is a better way to more thoroughly solving the problem.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Importance of Being Living Biomass

If you compare the weather extremes of a rocky desert to the weather extremes of a rain forest, you will see a vast difference. A lot of the difference is caused by the plant mass. It is the plant mass that changes the environment as much, if not more, then the elements allowing the plant life to grow. The animals also help in maintaining the biomass as well of course.
In a desert with rocks and cliffs, there is little to shelter a physical being from the elements. If the sun is shining, it full strength of light, including ultra violet, and all it's other waves (gamma, radiation etc.) hit all things directly. It gets unrespitingly hot. At night, when there is no sun, it gets icy cold, because there is nothing to keep the heat in the land, living biomass like a blanket.
When the wind blows, dry earth and sand is lifted into the unrestricted wind. There is no living plant biomass to buffer the gusts and keep the earth in place. It is basically down to raw element on raw element, breaking the other down, an unfriendly place for any lone life form.
Inside a rain forest though, the air is still (staying more in the tree tops) and often smells very pleasant. It is a lot cleaner, like blood that comes straight from the lungs, rich with oxygen.
The light (and other waves such as U.V.) is filtered through other living things (plant biomass), and is therefore buffered and softened. This probably reduces cancer. Just like it is good to eat plants with antioxidant properties to reduce damage from free radicals, it is good to have the living plant biomass around you to shelter you from the harsher elements of radiation (such as free radicals), by absorbing and filtering them.
Inside the rain forest, the temperature is regulated by the living biomass to be fairly cool and still near the bottom, probably so they get knocked about less. The plants do this by releasing aerobacter, shading etc. The temperature extremes are lessened by the consistency and softening effect of a blanket of plant life.
Environments like cities have quite harsh desert like effect. If a wind blows, it is unfettered by wind breaks in the form of thick foliage, dissipating the wind current. If the sun shines, there is little to buffer one from it's harder waves.
I think it is essential to have a healthy environment with lots of living biomass around you to soften the elements if you want to reach any kind of rest on the body from the insidious hardness of the environmental elements. Cities, and building in general can be vastly improved with chunks of solid living biomass to bring rest from the raw elements to residents and workers.
It improves your health.

Cooling Forest Fires

Here is an idea for reducing the severity of wild fires, bushfires and forest fires where they are very common. Anywhere that has had several instances of severe heat fires, especially where it was so hot it was difficult for the plants to rejuvenate or regerminate, replanting the hot spots with fire resistant plants or stone structures such as roads or walls, may well be an idea for cooling future fires.
This could save home and land owners, governments and insurance brokers a small fortune in finances and human cost.
With global warming tipping the balance gently, it could be wise to buffer up the hot spots like that, just to tip it back the other way again. To do the full effort to counteract global warming through deforestation, planting a multilevel living biomass of fire resistant plants could help absorb some of the greenhouse gases. Some fire resistant plants are cash crops.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sensible Cars

In this day and age, we have the technology to have sensors that measure distance and speed such as motion detectors, speedometers, speed cameras, alarms etc. We are more then capable of putting sensors on the front and back of cars for accident prevention purposes.
The idea goes like this. There is a sensor above every wheel of the car that can measure the distance between it and the nearest object. All this goes to a calculator type electronic chip. It can also measure how fast that object is going by deducting the speed between from the the speed of itself. Then it connected to the gears/brakes. It is programmed to calculate the likelihood of a collision and slow or stop the car accordingly. You could have a highway mode (long distance gaps between cars because of the high speeds), or parking mode (things can be a short way away, but the speed has to be slow).
The purpose of this is to prevent car accidents, one of the most fatal and crippling health problems of modern life. It could prevent or reduce everything from car park dings to pedestrian hits to highway pile ups. This will save fortune in hospital costs (for victims and governments alike), and in insurance payouts. The cost of putting the sensors in would be well and truly saved in mop up operation costs. It would also make life a whole lot more pleasant.
Because we can put sensors in cars as a safety mechanism, and car accidents are so horrific, I think putting them into vehicles should be compulsory by law.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One liners

Any living thing, given half a chance, will grow into abundance. You have to really work hard at stopping the living from growing, because the living's instinct to grow is very strong. It has eons of experience driving it.

Nature will provide, given the space and time. Life's nature is abundant, given the chance to grow at will.

Love never hurts. If you are hurting, it is not the love doing it.

Braille Body Map of the Chakras

Chakras are "wheels" of energy located throughout the body. They are associated with different vibrations, starting with the highest vibrations at the top, down to the lowest vibrations at the bottom. Just like with particle physics, things that are vibrating fast tend to become gaseous or liquid (less solidly manifest), and things that vibrate slowly become denser (more solid, recognisably physical). Like the particle speed in steam as opposed to the particle speed in ice. Chi is the name for the energy that flows through these chakras, so the sensations of them are activated, which helps when they are being located.

Can't find your chakras? Not sure they are really there?

This is to help you find your chakras in your body in a practical description of the directions.

Base Chakra
This is where you feel the need to go to the toilet, or sexual arousal. It is called your root chakra, and it is your lowest major chakra. It can be felt down to the knees or further, and it is your grounding point. It has the slowest vibration, and all about manifesting things into the physical world (hence sex and childbirth, also bodily wastes). It is an earth element. It is from here that the you ground yourself in the physical world, via the chakras on the soles of your feet (or why feet tend to be sensitive or ticklish). The base chakra pulls the earth energy up through the feet, exactly like a root.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is what is sometimes referred to as the "pit of your stomach". It is where you can feel your stomach drop with disappointment, or bubble up with excitement (butterflies in your stomach). It can be mistaken for "love", but it is lower down then your heart. It is where the womb area is on a woman. It is associated with sex, but it is more the energy and drive behind sex (I personally think it means digested food being turned into physical body/mass, action, or procreation, because it is also where you feel "turned off food", or drive{for food}). If you are a woman, it is where you feel period pain. It is associated with creativity. It is associated with the element of water (bladder, stomach, womb), being more emotive and higher vibrational.

Solar plexus

This is your centre, where "you" are. Anyone who has done yoga or martial arts for any time probably knows where their core strength lies. It is associated with digestion. It is where you feel you personal drives and opinions, where you feel your restlessness and determination. It is your will. Being a higher vibration again, it is associated with the element of fire (body heat from carbohydrates, I guess, on one level). It is the sun's energy, and is sort of like "id" or maybe "ego" in psychology. It is what is "I". If you point at yourself saying "I", you are probably pointing at your solar plexus. It is your centre, about where your belly button is, or a bit above, and when you firmly decide something, it is the bit that feels like the "firmly" of the decision.

Heart Chakra

This one is easy to describe. It is where you feel love. When you see something (a favourite pastime, a great passion, a treasured possession) or someone you love (your pet, or child, or lover, or parent), or give or receive a wanted hug, your heart "opens up", sometimes "until it could burst". That spot opening up with good feelings in your chest is your heart chakra. If you feel someone is emotionally attacking you or you think of something emotionally distressing, you can feel it close down and shrink like a closing flower to defend itself. It is associated with air, and the "breath of the soul".

Throat Chakra

This is the chakra of self expression, or creative expression. It is easy to locate. Put a hand gently across your throat and make a sound. Where you feel the sound vibrating is where your throat chakra is. It is like a mini version of all the chakras, with different tones (high and low sounds) effecting different vibrational rates, and therefore different chakras. The sounds are like keys, unlocking high vibrations with high sounds, and low vibrations with low sounds. It is associated with ether (spirit).

Third Eye

This is another commonly known of chakra, although many don't always understand it. If you need to, close your eyes. Imagine something, a face or place from your memory (like your Grandmothers house, or a childhood friend), the last dream you had, a plan for tomorrow. Or imagine a purple giraffe sticking it's head over your shoulder (for instance). The spot where you are getting the picture in your head is your third eye. For some it at the front of their head, for others it is the back. It is where we visualise anything that is not physically in front of us. So memories, daydreams, dreams, ideas of the future, visions, ideas, imagining or anything like that is found at it's centre. It is associated with ether.

Crown Chakra

This is the chakra at the top of your head that aligns you with the Cosmic Knowing. When you are thinking hard about something you feel a joy for (as opposed to worrying), and you make a realisation, this is where you feel a "rush" of energy and information, or expansion of your mind. If you having a fascinating conversation with someone on a topic you love (usually with rapid talking and agreement), and you receive a piece of information about it that "clicks into place", that "rushing up" of the mind feeling at the top of your head is your crown chakra. It is where your mind "expands", when 'the penny drops'. A "flight of the mind" can feel like soaring at the top of your head. It is associated with the ether.

I hope that helped clarify what is meant in your physical being by the various chakras. Base, solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye are the easiest to find. A great site to visit for more information and a great meditation is particulatarly the sample of the DVD The Illuminated Chakras.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Insects As Earthquake Warnings

It has been observed that some insects and animals start behaving like they are distressed or are anticipating a distress (like they are running away from a trip to the vet or a coming storm) before an earthquake. Research has been done into different types of ants that react to earthquakes (some species seem to, while others don't), and it would be wise to thoroughly explore this very portable system (you could have an ant farm at every fire station telephone reception). The ant farm case could be hung on a form of suspension that increases vibrations, so the ants are more reactive to smaller tremors.
Certain cats and dogs (not all) have anecdotally been known to react to a coming earthquake before the effective quakes. Elephants, who are very sensitive to low vibrations (their hearing reaches sounds far lower then human ears), have been known to react as well. Here is an idea. If you bred any cat or dog who has been known to react before a quake with other cats or dogs who have done the same, you could come up with an animal with the right temperament to be a guide for earthquake indication. They may be a bit jumpy or skittish to have as a pet per se, but they would be an excellent working animal for emergency services.
If the gene pool of likely looking animals isn't big enough and earthquakes aren't frequent enough to observe behaviour, I suspect animals that react strongly to the wind, atmospheric changes, lightning or storms could be appropriate candidates. As a breed I think they would be in high demand. So could animals who are sensitive to the smell of turned earth (obsessive diggers) or grinding minerals (they can smell the mineral pill hidden in their food).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rock Rodents

By observing modern day collective behaviour I have come up with a hypotheses. I suspect that as small furry rodent like mammals, which all mammals have been early on in their evolution, that we spent a lot of time in amongst rocks, caves, and eventually burrows, like guinea pigs or rock rats, for the same reasons that the modern rodent lives there, protection from predator and element alike. I think we spent more time in our evolutionary path amongst rocks then trees for nesting purposes.
Firstly, observing how we prefer our infrastructure and social arrangements, you will see on a physical level, we gather together in communities, such as cities, where the environment, probably by the collective subconscious, appears to have evolved to look like piles of rock, cliffs and caves (the physical structures). Gardens are desired, but considered optional by most. They are less distressed by the loss of a garden then a house generally. If you have a breeding pair of humans, they seek an adequately secure building (cave, rock) before a garden that is big enough "to play in", even if that garden represents food. If you have a person who feels they are in danger, they will run for the cover of a rock like building before they climb a tree for security. Our classic image of security is a house, not a tree. This leads me to believe that we evolved oppossable thumbs through rock climbing, burrow digging, and moving stones, sticks and tools. Also, food gathering would have played a part, hence plant contributions, and could have lead us to the next, tree based lifestyle. We could have learnt to stand in part from climbing up rocks to evaluate the terrain for dangers and opportunities.

Disease free Mosquitoes

This is an idea on how to reduce disease spread by mosquitoes. The mosquito's saliva glands produce an enzyme (reactive protein) that prevents blood coagulation (thins the blood) when they bite. It could be really easy to genetically change that enzyme so that it is caustic to viruses and bacteria. If the disease (such as malaria) is dissolved/killed at the point of transference, the disease cycle is broken.
If changing the enzyme so that it is antiviral/ antibacterial is too hard for some reason, though I think it could be very simple, or is uncomfortable in some way such as causing a sting instead of an itch (although I think it could cure the itch), there is another way. If you genetically transplant the code for an antibacterial and antiviral enzyme that is produced by individual cells into the saliva glands of the mosquito, it could have the same effect of killing the virus/bacteria at the point of transference. The active ingredients of lemon balm (melissa officialis), or any other antiviral organically produced compound could do the job.
This idea can be extended possibly into using mosquitoes for immunisations. If you transplanted quinine production into mosquitoes, for instance, the more you are bitten by the designed mosquito, the more immunised you are against malaria, for instance. The idea can also be extended into any disease carrying pests, such as ticks, flies, cockroaches etc.
Dispersing the genetically improved mosquito looks like a technical nightmare for the financially minded (how do you make money from it?), but it isn't really. Firstly, it would take decades to cure the whole world even if we all worked really hard at it. Basically, the area would have to be gassed to kill the original mosquitoes, or the larva killed, or timed when the numbers are low, but are about to seasonally increase. There are channels already to sell the products relating to those tasks. Then you could have a "Good Mosquito Kit" (rest assured, financially minded people, it's a sure bet in the right locations) to start a population of benign mosquitoes in the treated area. It could be like an ant farm or a sea monkey kit. Children can do it. The new population would take up mosquito territory, thus preventing or diluting the return of the disease spreading mosquitoes. Anywhere where mosquitoes are deadly would be very interested, as well as anyone who finds them annoying to them or their livestock etc. Because the kit would be relatively low cost (essential), people all over the world could use it. High turn over is the way with this idea, as well as an essential niche market, that great business trophy. And it has a feel good buzz!

Travel in Space and Time.

The other part of Einstein's general theory of relativity has been proven by NASA. It is true that gravitational forces (g forces) bend space and time (the space time continuum), like the curve of a tight cloth with a heavy object on it. Here is an idea on how to utilise this to flow through space and time, potentially for long distances or maybe even "times" (you would have to take the effects on time into consideration, if not to actually utilise it).
If you could get a object with a gravitational force, you could use it's effects on space and time to mobilise 'where' it goes, by directing it in relation to other forces towards the desired destination. Where do you find large enough gravitational forces? I think dark matter, which is vastly more available then carbon, is the most likely candidate. Dark matter has a gravitational force, and I guess the more you harvest, the more g forces you would have at your disposal. The greater percentage of the universe is dark matter. Get some near you today!
You would have to take larger g forces into consideration, using it's space time 'flow' to maneuver around it, like a judo expert. The way to map a path from point a to point b when there are other objects involved could be like considering the currents when using an underpowered boating vessel. When Christopher Columbus or Captain Cook or whoever it was was watching the waves on the shore which convinced him there was another continent, he was using the right observational skills for the task of mapping a path through the g forces of space and time at large. It isn't a matter (excuse the pun) of forcing a path, so much as using what is already happening.
A nice other effect of getting something along the lines of harvesting dark matter for it's g forces so as to bend space and time, is how little energy has to be expended in "fuel" to mobilise the effect of moving through space and time via gravity. There is no pollution, you simply use the g forces you have in relation to the g forces around you, like steering a sailing ship or using currents as a scuba diver. I think it is well worth researching this idea, as it could open horizons and decimate transport energy costs, especially in the long term/ long time/ long distance department. The financial and physical expenditure would be in setting it up, not using it. If you could bend the space time continuum enough, you could 'save' time especially when it relates to distance (space).
Actually, for something that takes up very little space and has a very dense gravitational pull is the matter in a white dwarf (a star that has gone through supernova, become a red giant, collapsed in on itself (imploded) and become the incredibly dense matter of a white dwarf. It has an intense gravitational pull, so you would only need a little of it (teaspoon). However, harvesting it could be tricky, considering it isn't nearly as available as dark matter, and it's incredible gravity would probably crush you before you even got close to it.
I have a little dream. This is pie in the sky, but I can see a metal electronic door, with a keyboard next to it. You walk up to the control panel, plug in the address of where you want to be, and then you step through the door and arrive at the destination, easily and instantly. But you have to bend the space time continuum at will to do that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One liner

The more experience you have had, the less free you are, unless you have had freeing experiences.

The more that has occured, the more is already manifested, so there is less total possibility and more probability, unless you have established possibility.

The only destiny you can be sure of is what is now and what has been. What you are doing now is your destiny now.

Possibility is freedom, probability is will.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Th Golden Screen and the Great Mirror

To Reach an Understanding

The Great Mirror

You can see yourself in everyone else
In the Great Mirror
You can see yourself in everything else
In the Great Mirror

But if you stare too long
You start to lose yourself
In the Great Mirror

You can see everyone in everyone else
In the Great Mirror
You can see everything in everything else
In the Great Mirror

If you do this adventure
It is wise to bring yourself
Back to your centre

The Golden Screen

The Golden Screen
Is so peacefully serene
Makes everything look perfect and clean

The Golden Screen
Protects in completeness
Relief in divine niceness

The Golden Screen
Shields my eyes
Appears like paradise

The Golden Screen
Perfectly alluding
To completely concluding
It must be an enchanted thing.
The Golden Screen


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Newspaper Solutions

In this day and age of electronic technology, ecological awareness and other social and resource movements, newspaper magnates around the world are in a quandary about which technologies to diversify into, how to reduce there greenhouse gas emissions, and still be able to make money. Paper newspapers are reused by millions around the world for a myriad of tasks, from boot polishing through to art production. Have you ever noticed that products offered to be removed are often the most reused, such as newspapers, which are already recycled, instead of bulky "use once" packaging? Here is an idea that increase their profits, is cheaper for the customer, and reduces the overheads of material costs, transport costs, and also greenhouse gas guilt/costs.
As well as branching into electronic technologies, it could be good if the newspaper sold their newspaper SECTIONS, so that the customer could select the sections of greatest interest to them. So, if they are looking for a car, like the horoscope, want to know the local and/or world news, and the T.V. times, they can buy those particular sections, and leave the rest. Or if they work the stock market and have children, the business section, news section, and cartoon/ kid's entertainment pages. Or if they love gossip, hate sport and like political debate, the social pages and political news/commentary section might suit. If they like sport, are looking for a house, and the Mrs. likes the crossword puzzle, they can buy the sports section, real estate section, and the crossword/horoscope pages. A billion other examples could be given.
This means the customer is more satisfied (they don't have to dig through a huge, cumbersome newspaper for a small section) and pays less. The "landfill" potential, and production/transport costs/greenhouse gases are reduced. Also, the newspaper would benefit in three ways. Firstly, they can charge more for less. If a section costs 5c to produce (which doesn't change), earns 13c, buying the individual section could cost 20c, thereby increasing profits at less material effort, except at point of purchase. Also, for profitability and customer research, it makes it easier as an editor to see what sections sell the most. "Prime" sections can sell at a higher price. Also, it looks good for the company, making both the "greenies" and the "sensible" Conservative pragmatists smile and approve. Anyone who doesn't like it can buy the whole paper! Most people would react to it a as a revolution of something sensible finally being done.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Making of the Mitotic Apparatus

The mitotic apparatus is a transient cell structure that is used for cell division. This includes the splitting and reforming of DNA strands into, firstly two halves, and then into two complete strands, which are polarised into two ends of the cell on spindles of tanulin, ready for the last part, splitting and reforming the phosolipid bi-layer of the parent cell's wall to form two separate cells. This is a very useful device for research purposes in DNA production, DNA amino acid isolation and general splicing. Here is a suggestion, although the three part structure of the mitotic apparatus has only relatively recently been located in a studiable fashion, and there are still chemical components that have yet to be identified.
After finding out which chemical elements are actually in the molecular structure of every part of the mitotic apparatus (tanulin in the spindles, calcium for initiation and inhibition, zinc likewise, also what "motivates" kinesin to move, and what the rest of the mechanism is made of), which involves breaking samples down, trying to create a similarly acting device through nanotechnology could prove to be enlightening whether the goal is reached or not.
Firstly, trying to chemically recreate the device through nanotechnology will inevitably show the ease in some things and, more interestingly, the difficulty in other parts. This will lead to a greater understanding of both why and how certain features of biology occur on a chemical level. This is great for medical research, as well as general knowledge in the fields of biochemistry and genetics. There will be mysteries and surprises, but that is where the discoveries and breakthroughs lie.
If the rather complex mitotic apparatus is successfully artificially built, the uses for it are boundless. You could post any DNA strand through for splitting, breaking down and doing research, as well as combining and building. It could be used for the "unwinding" of DNA (taking apart), if the full stages of the mitotis is cut short (maybe by having no cell wall in some cases). This is great for gene isolation, and research by deduction and/or mutation. It could be used, in future medical sciences, to splice a gene, or gene sequences, in or out of the daughter cells. Working with what is already there, it can be used to turn genes on and off. It can, naturally, be used to "put things together", as well as pull them apart. It is better to work WITH how the biology is designed to (with prods in the wanted direction), then against it (inhibition, chemical blocking, physical removal). For example, initiating a cancer specific cell death is both what the body is trying to do, and has a millennia designed mechanism already in place (cell suicide for the health of the greater organism). However, trying to block cancer cell reproduction is swimming against a tide of evolutionary built mechanisms (cell recreation and growth with the chemical signals normally reserved or interpreted as such by embryos, foetuses and infants; have you ever noticed that many cancer cells behave like the newly conceived of any animal in their explosive growth?), although working on it from both ends will probably result in a more thorough treatment.
Of course any ensuing medical industries would have to be closely monitored, so the technologies are used voluntarily by patients wishing to prevent the suffering in genetically inherited diseases and conditions that are life threatening or high maintenance, such as cancers, congenital blindness, cerebral palsy, dangerous allergies, severe growth disorders etc., as opposed to "designer" babies with just the right shade of eye colour or ability.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Looking For Love?

There are hundreds of millions of people in the world looking for romantic love. In the developed world, as about half marriages end in divorce, and everyone else is too young, or never was or is no longer interested, kinda seeing someone, it can be presumed that a lot of people are in some state of being single and available. So why do some struggle to find "the right one" when it is something they very much desire? I think it may be WHERE they look. Here is some suggested places to look for certain types. Nightclubs are too loud to talk often, and are only really good for finding some fast fun. Having some basic sign language you share with your friends is good for gigs like that, though terrible for chatting people up and getting to know a prospective mate. It is fast and often fruitless, and a bit awkward during and after. Dating sites are good, but you are searching through thousands, and you are looking specifically often. Also you can't smell them on a computer screen! You need to be able to smell someones pheromones to gage whether you are suitable on an animal level.
Also, if you ask, people always say they want someone "nice"or "good", who is honest, and can make them laugh, etc. They always describe a generic saint (watch out saints, you are hot property!). Actually they want someone who will slot into their emotional comfort zone. If you are looking for a long term mate, if you can accommodate their human condition you have more hope at something healthy and realistic.
FAST FUN? Nightclubs, parties (at party houses), pubs and hotels, specialist clubs.
Comedy clubs, comedy movies, the person making the jokes people want to laugh at at social events, preforming arts schools, comics store, amusement parks, or the comedy section of the video store. The people with the sense of humour are in the audience too, you don't have to headhunt the main comic. Make sure it is a compatible kind of humour.
Volunteer organisations, charity shops, working bees, working in child care, social work, human services, nurses, doctors, art therapists, complementary health practitioners, or teachers (of soft subjects). Volunteer yourself for causes you believe in, and you will meet someone, or someone who knows someone, who has the same values in kindness as you. With professional carers, if you know where they work (or play is better), make excuses to be there or where they stop to eat and drink. Then make excuses to start conversations, especially ones where you have to see them again. Two bits of advice though. First, volunteers and professional carers are not there for you to harass. Be kind as well, and respect their space. Do not stalk them. They are doing an essential job, so you don't want to put them off. Secondly, not everyone who does volunteer work does it because they are nice. Sometimes they are appeasing their consciences for some vice or vices, or occurrence from the past. Also, if you are thinking of preying on the do-gooders by getting one for yourself to serve you, that is something that will inevitably backfire.
Find out where the biggest or interest specific firms are. Go to nearby take aways and cafes (and bars for the more risque suit) at lunch time. Also at the time they end their working day. Dress the part (what would be appropriate?), and start a conversation (take an ice-breaker, like a restaurant brochure, if you need to). There are many suits in the making at university. Commerce students, law students etc. are often also working. Doing a course in money matters can give you a chance at meeting them, as well as give you jargon knowledge, so when they tell you about what they are doing, you can understand. However, becoming a businessperson or lawyer might give you the respectability, ambition and security that you may be looking for.
Modelling/acting agencies. Fashion houses (and clothing shops), both male and female. Gyms, beaches and swimming pools. Photographers and modelling shows. Dance classes, beauticians, hair dressers. Strip clubs and escorts (however, don't look for anything permanent and expect to be charged). "In" crowds at nightclubs often have divas at the centre, though they are not the hub of all things beautiful, which they may have forgotten. Some good looking people hide for their own functionality, so look in back rooms and quiet places with security. Healthiness is the best looking, so try joggers and tai chi practitioners early morning in the park or beach. Health food shops, and sports venues are a good spot too.
If you are of a particular faith, or wish to find someone of a faith, try their/your temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, places of worship and religious gathering. If you do not find someone of preference, you can go to similar gatherings further afield, or larger mingling of similar ilk. If you are more broad-minded, but like a person with a sense of the spiritual, yoga classes, tai chi classes, meditation groups, healing centres, interfaith prayer groups, spiritual retreats, acupuncture waiting rooms, book shops specialising in spirituality or spiritually orientated Societies are good places to look. However, a few may be recovering from a life confronting experience, so preying on them is again unethical, and loaded with trouble.
Go and walk on the beach while the sun is setting. There will be other singles doing the same, for the love of it, if you are anywhere near civilisation in a beach orientated geography. Repeat as necessary, start conversations about the tide, the sunset, or something else beachy.
If you are looking for a beach babe or surfer, hang around the beach kiosk, swimwear and surf shops, get to the beach when the tide is high (or dropping so they start getting out of the water) for surfers. Dress appropriately, take up swimming/surfing/tanning/sand castle building!
Sex toy shops (the kinky end), adult book shops (the R-Rated or XXX section), hardcore nightclubs, seedy suburbs, B&D or S&M parlours all have beats for the bent to follow up whatever fetish they are after. Look on notice boards, in magazines, ask at the counter if you are unfamiliar with where to get what. Realise there will probably be financial (as well as other) expenditure along many channels. Places NOT to look for your fetish fulfillment in or around schools (including colleges and universities), in places of worship, in general accommodation, or anywhere obviously straight. DO NOT try and prey on innocents outside of the places where it is OBVIOUSLY on offer. There are reasons why it is restricted by law. If you are looking for a particular type of fetishist like, or suiting, yourself, go find the ones who are ALREADY into it, where they gather, leave the straight (vanilla) people alone. There are nightclubs and parlours available. If you have a sexual addiction that you have lost control of, which is messing up your life, there is help, such as your doctor, counsellor, psychologist or sex therapist, some religious service people, Sex Addicts Anonymous, and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.
Art galleries, avante garde film nights, independent cinemas, theatre sports, art classes/schools, studios and artistic co-operatives, arts and crafts fairs/shops or suburbs, creative cooking courses, pottery and sculpture studios, haberdasheries, design and fashion supply shops or houses, landscaping supply shops, writing groups, architecture clubs or conventions, rock and pop gigs, the opera or ballet, symphony under the stars, photographic services, entertainment venues, the spray paint or carpentry section of the hardware store!
Need to find someone to have babies with? Child care workers and training facilities, au pair services, teachers (especially primary school), people in and working in baby ware shops or sections of shops, midwifes, maternity nurses or education institutions, anywhere with babies will gather cooing breeders (borrow a friend or relatives baby and go for a walk and you will see what is meant) including men, country people (male and female), poorer people (generally, the poor have more children then the rich, ironically), the devout faithful (barring a few who have devoted themselves purely to religion) of just about any religion (Ba'hai for instance), people of simple ambition (the Michangelos, Joan of Arcs, career or cause orientated are often too busy or even avoiding it), single parents social clubs. Here's a tip. People, both male and female, who are single parents, or weekend parents, want someone who likes children (especially theirs) to help them rear their young as well as to love. They are often quite willing to have more children to establish that bond for permanence. It also makes them seem more legally stable. Their thinking is very practical by this stage. Again, if you are honestly looking for breeder love look in those places. However, preying on these people, whose lives are already difficult, for money or access to children is deeply wrong.
These incorrigible romantics tend to live in a fantasy, and are a bit perfectionist orientated. In their heads they are heroes and heroines, defeating the bad guys to win the day and the girl at the end. Life is not really like that, so a lot of them like fantasy stuff. The fantasy section of the library or bookshop has many a misty eyed browser. So do shops selling gaming paraphernalia (Lord of the Rings figurines, do it yourself Dungeons and Dragons kits). Gothics tend to be quite straight, but tragedy orientated. Poetry sections of the book store are good as well (Yeats, Keats, Browning), as well as the romance section (Mills and Boon etc). The romantic comedy (usually girls)/sci-fi fantasy (usually boys) section of the video shop is quite fruitful. Florists, wedding gown/jewelry shop windows (and people working or enquiring there). They may like proper places and things, so antique shops, high quality food or home wares shops are good, as long as it is a bit different (cultured). They like meaning to be part of it. They are often looking for something pure and noble in other areas of their life, so may be doing anything from voluntary land care, working in an charity shop, to martial arts. They may very well be trying to save something in a noble cause. Anywhere that attracts idealists. Historical appreciation societies, old building conservation societies, Knights of the Holy Order of Whatever, archives, museums and anywhere else sentimental.
Like your men beefy and strong? Try heavy sports venues (football, squash, triathletics), builders/labourers, farm workers. And of course, body builders at the gym. Emergency service workers, firemen, warehouse workers, anyone who lifts and carries heavy items regularly, roadies, and furniture removalists. Watch out for anyone who might be using steroids, as long term use harms their ability to preform in bed, and also makes them moody and aggressive. Balding men tend to have higher testosterone levels, producing more of the other sex hormones to compensate, so are more well rounded.
Debutantes are presented regularly for the right type at gala charity events. Any expensive charity dinner, or finishing school, or private school for girls churns out proper young ladies, who cross their legs in the right way, accessorise demurely, quietly achieving their goals in non-threatening ways. However, just because they got the "right" education, does not mean that is their natural inclination. Occasionally they rebel in the opposite, or are bent in some way, especially if their education was unreasonably strict. A lot of "working class" girls will fight tooth and nail for their honour (as their poor status makes them vulnerable), are loyal to their partners, and would never accept an expensive gift for their favour, however they may not always know what is alright to discuss in polite society, or which eating utensil to use.
Hang out at car rallies and race tracks. Look around at what the talent is at car accessory shops and at the mechanics where people get their motors beefed up. If you see a car you like in a car park, hang around to see who owns it, and if they are bearable, work from there. Check out cars at the motor shop and you could pick up the talent, the customers or the workers! Getting a job selling cars or as a mechanic would be perfect for the hardened car fanatic. It might be better to just get your own car. It won't argue with you about where you are going.

You also have to take into account what you are bringing to the table. Having children may seem a problem, but not if the other has or wants children. Being overweight may seem a problem, but not if the other culturally thinks big is beautiful, or they like large as a preference ie. "chub chasers". Being inexperienced may seem a problem, but many wish to guide the virgin hand. Just choose confident and healthy teachers. The seeds of the solution are in the problem.