Friday, July 30, 2010

Medics With Arms

There is a sad fact that people either are not aware of or ignore. When people are in pain or unwell they can sometimes mistake a helping hand for a threat. Animals do too, as a vet can tell you. The more acutely they are damaged, the more likely to see a threat instead of aide. So jobs like the red cross or ambulance drivers have difficulty with some of the people they are trying to help. Doctors are often the worst patients! I have heard horrible stories both from the media and personal accounts.
Also, during wars or gang fights or personal vendettas, sometimes medics are attacked by bystanders because the people who have injured the patient do not wish them to recover. Humans are territorial hunters by nature, with an ability to be ruthless, a sad fact.
A solution to the dangerous task of helping the injured is to arm medics. Most medics would not like that, because they are the caring type usually, so you can imagine they would only use it in extreme cases. However, in the light of human nature, it could be wise to anyway.
If they had a gun with three shots of tranquillisers, followed with three shots of rubber bullets, it is my belief that in dangerous situations, that could be a life saver, for for the medic, the patient, and the bystanders. In war zones, a second weapon with just pure bullets may be a necessary evil. Medics are not the type to like the idea, but veteran medics are the best type to consult about it, as they are more realistic about the dangers of the job. A rookie probably have stars in their eyes still about being Florence Nightingale reincarnated.