Thursday, September 24, 2009

So you flew

So you flew
More then soared
Poured like liquid gold
From the fingers of God
Rose like mists of Heaven
From the mouth of Hell
Now you must plunge
Higher, pushing further
Crushing into the freedom
Of space, a new space
So you can shape change
A world only your Divinity
Could create
Over which you will soar
Like an atmosphere
Through which you are saturated.

late '90s

Meeting of Meaningless

I got up this morning
And went to the office
To do what I had to do
There they sat me down
And I suddenly found
My morning was munched
By the Meeting of Meaningless

At lunch time I sat
On the park bench I favour
And as I flavoured the savour
I turned to ask you for time
You lowered your paper
Completed the caper as we chattered
Of conventional things
It was a Meeting of Meaningless

That night I got a fright
My mouth cried, eyes wide, I died
I was swallowed dove, heaven's above
In the lolling lull and lilt of all that was lit
In the light of the longed for land
The great Chairperson's voice could be heard
Like a dream, Reiterating and Reconstituting
The Regulations and Rules on the Right and the Wrong
It was another Meeting of Meaningless.


War Memorial Charity for the Civilian Dead

The idea here is to create a charity to put up war memorials for the civilian dead of any war any time. This serves several purposes. Firstly, to help grieving communities feel like they have some closure for their deceased loved ones. This will help prevent similar outbreaks over old grievances. It also serves as a record and reminder for future generations of how devastating war is to their friends and family, how many people are no longer in their world.
It also gives surviving soldiers a chance to bury their dead, which often haunt them for years after the conflict is over. During wars people (particularly soldiers) do and see things (like civilians maimed, tortured, and killed) that can haunt them almost timelessly, leading to suicide, murderous rampages, night horrors, flashbacks, abuse of their own, and other nightmarish side effects. If they can contribute towards a decent memorial for the civilian dead it may ease their pain somewhat. It may even occasionally unify old enemies in a more worthy cause.
Of course, people who would want to contribute to such a charity would be the loved ones of the dead, as well as concerned citizens, peace mongers, the U.N. and anybody who was disturbed by the experience.
The "any war anytime" aspect is that the charity is that they put memorials up wherever a war has occurred regardless of who won and who was on which side. The only requirement to get on the listing of the memorial is that the civilian died due to wartime activity. I also think that it could be placed near war memorials of soldiers of the war, although war mongers might not like that because it will inevitably show that far more civilians died then soldiers.

One liners

Hard bright light and filth have something in common - they can both be blinding.