Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meeting of Meaningless

I got up this morning
And went to the office
To do what I had to do
There they sat me down
And I suddenly found
My morning was munched
By the Meeting of Meaningless

At lunch time I sat
On the park bench I favour
And as I flavoured the savour
I turned to ask you for time
You lowered your paper
Completed the caper as we chattered
Of conventional things
It was a Meeting of Meaningless

That night I got a fright
My mouth cried, eyes wide, I died
I was swallowed dove, heaven's above
In the lolling lull and lilt of all that was lit
In the light of the longed for land
The great Chairperson's voice could be heard
Like a dream, Reiterating and Reconstituting
The Regulations and Rules on the Right and the Wrong
It was another Meeting of Meaningless.


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