Friday, June 19, 2009

Sexual functionality (again)

Could it be possible to give doses of prolactin to new mothers having difficulty lactating? I am more often hearing of women having trouble in this area, and I am wondering what is the cause of it might be. It wouldn't be that hard to derive prolactin from nature, and it couldn't be that hard to disperse it in a simple way. If it could help (if it addresses the main problem) there would be a huge market for the product.

Did you know that the sexual fluid of the vagina actually has spermicidal qualities? It has a raised acidity level, which kills sperm which doesn't get to uterus which is slightly kinder.

Organ transplant

I wonder if it is possible to transplant female reproductive organs into a trans-sexual male? Or visa-versa? Could the sensitive skins of the original sex organs be kept, while the actual functioning reproductive organs be transplanted from a willing donor or deceased person? Transplanted is not the right word, as the organ is not being replaced with the same organ. However, if it could successfully be done, they could function reproductively as the new sex, so they could fully express the "woman" or "man" in their sexual functions and relationships. The once male could be a woman, mate, menstruate, and give birth naturally.

I have just been told by a trans-sexual that the donated organ would atrophy because the body of the recipient hasn't got the appropriate nerves to communicate what to do to the organ. So. due to lack of activity it would atrophy and basically rot.

Magic Carpets and Coloured Streets

There is a gold or silver thread available. It could be used to make gold and or silver carpets. In sure there would be a large market for it in certain demographics, or businesses such as restaurants or hotels. Patterned carpets could use it for a subtler effect, or mats. With research other metal shades could be used, such as brass (some people love brass), copper, white gold, etc. Curtains and upholstery could be another niche market.

Dyed concrete is another designer idea. If dye was mixed into the concrete it would become more attractive and reduce glare. Better then painting, which wears away, the colour would be permanent and require no maintenance. Its pale grey colour is very conducive to the task. Colours could range from subtle pastels all the way through to intense colours and black. The colouring would then be used appropriately for whatever construction it is being used for. It could reduce accidents on pavements by reducing glare. It could be used to beautify constructions that are universally renowned for their ugliness, making the population, workers and users more happy and productive, and also be conducive to getting permission for a construction that would otherwise be considered an eyesore by both the counsel and potentially protesting populations.

Something in Common

A moth and a butterfly
Mother Therasa and Fred Hollows
The sun and the moon
Stalin and Hitler
All have Something in Common

Pink and orange
Incense and air freshener
Buddha and Mohammed
Peanutbutter and cheesespread
All have Something in Common

Laughter and chatter
Tears and rain
Television and radio
Sighing and yawning
All have Something in Common

Smoking and eating
Dancing and music
Playing and working
Banks and businesses
All have Something in Common.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Interesting facts about animal sexuality

Hyena females are not only bigger and more aggressive then the males, but they have pseudo penis. This makes them more difficult to mate as well makes giving birth to their young a painful and dangerous exercise as the offspring has to pass through the pseudo penis.

The temperature of the water the tadpoles live in determines the sex of many amphibian species.

Wolves pair for life, with only the leader pair in a pack breeding. This is so they do not out breed their food source.

In some species of snake, the male has two penises. In some species, the snake gives birth to live young, unlike the more common laying of eggs.

Some marsupials can postpone the development of a fertilised foetus if there is a drought or other stress until the conditions are more beneficial.

In some large carnivore animals, such as the tiger or polar bear, the mother has to protect the young from their own father, because he will try and eat them.

In some shark species, the females give birth to live young, and the young eat each other in the womb. Only the most aggressive baby sharks make it out.

Coral reefs spawn on the same full moon every year. The eggs can be seen from the air as a giant pinkish current. Many of the oceanic animals gather at that that time and place to feed on the spawn and each other .

Male cats, large/small wild/tame, have all got spurs on their penises so as to wound the female so they are less likely to have sex with another male and thus ensure a greater chance of his genes being passed on.

Worms, slugs and snails are hermaphrodites. They have both male and female organs and can, and do, preform both roles. During mating periods, they often become brightly coloured and are very beautiful. Snails shoot arrows of sperm through each others flesh to impregnate the female organs.

Homosexuality is found in the natural world. Dolphins are known to pair as male companions, with breeding females coming for mating and then leaving. Rats and other rodents will mount other males.

Plants have beautiful and easily seen flower petals all though they cannot see them themselves. The point of the petal in reproduction is to make a landing pad for flying insects (or small animals) to land on to get the nectar and spread the pollen. The petals have ultraviolet lines and marking that act as guides for the insects which are able to see them.

All these things makes one suspect that anything responsible for creating the living world likes food, is indulgent, loves diversity, is artistic, understands mathematics practically and purely, is both nurturing and ruthlessly protective, has an raw edge, has a sense of humour, is brilliant, and might be a little bit... offbeat.


Please give reading resources or spiritual texts or scientific information or authorative contacts.

In the energetic/spiritual/cosmic way, does anyone know how food works?

In the energetic/spiritual/cosmic way, does anyone know what happens during sex or reproduction?

I've had the spiritual process of dying explained in various ways through religious theory and bodhi type thoughts, but does anyone know the process of manifestation of physically sentient being? In other words what is the spiritual process of a new human coming into our physical world.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interesting facts about sex

We all enjoy an orgasm if we can achieve it, even if we might sometimes regret it later.
When you orgasm, there is a rush of pleasant sensations from arousal, to the "pow" of the actual orgasm and through to the "afterglow". This is caused by certain hormones which affect ones physiology, including the physiology of the brain. Here is some information on the hormones produced in the process of this crescendo of the orgasm and what there role is.
There is the obvious hormones such as adrenaline. That is the hormone that gets your heart pounding and racing, and gives you the stamina to complete the often energetic enterprise.
Then there are other obvious hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These are the feel good hormones that you get in varying degrees when you feel good. Depressives or depressed people need a boost in these hormones.
Then there are less obvious hormones such as prolactin, which is produced in breast feeding mothers to stimulate milk production. It also has a pleasant sedating feeling that increases bonding behaviour. It is largely responsible for falling asleep in the "after-glow". And the want to snuggle and bond. It is produced by both men and women during orgasm. There must be some kind of inhibitor hormone produced or lower doses so orgasming people or the highly sexually active don't immediately start lactating!
Another interesting hormone produced is oxytonin, which produces the rhythmic pulsing during ejaculation or the squeezes during female orgasm. Oxytonin is used primarily to cause contractions during child birth.
And that's all folks! That is what is going on chemically when you have an orgasm.

The next interesting sex topic is the role of pheromones in choosing a mate.
When one becomes an adolescent, certain sweat glands in the armpits, groin region and behind the ears start producing an oilier fluid which is ones personal scent. It is a very subtle smell that often cannot be consciously detected so the information is picked up mostly by the subconscious. Its purpose is to communicate that the person is sexually mature and ready to mate. If a female is pregnant, breast feeding on hormone treatments or menstruating her scent will change. It also communicates the state of their health, in particular the immune systems strength and "knowledge". It is the pheromone scent that plays a large part in choosing a mate. As adults most of us produce the "I'm available" side of the pheromone, however not everyone is attracted to everyone (well, some of us aren't). What we find attractive in one another's pheromone information is actually the immune information. What the primal part of our brain which deciphers the smell (brain stem region at the back of your head) is looking for is a mate whose immune information is as different from ones own as possible. This is so the potential resulting offspring will have genetic access to a much broader amount of immune ability and therefore a better chance at fighting the ever changing diseases they might encounter in the world. Disease has been a big killer of the human animals during our evolution, particularly the pre-breeding young. The primal part of your mind which does this does not care if your personalities, lifestyles, or star signs are compatible (unless it becomes life threatening, and then its life preserving instinct takes over). It only cares that the offspring will have a stronger immune system then its parents. If one has a choice between two mates with different immune systems, the limbic system (mammal part of the brain) will often choose the most socially beneficial of the two for survival reasons for the child. If this works out to be genuine personal compatibility the resulting family (given the father nests or otherwise provides support) they will be content enough to become a long standing tribe. If not the instinct is to provide for the child until it is independant enough to walk, then one of the parents might leave. Leaving the offspring with better established relatives or abandonment at birth or conception is a "cuckoo bird" system. Another period of time an unhappy but provisional arrangement might part company is when the offspring begins to smell sexually mature themselves. This can be a time where not only a poorly bonded relationship may wish to part (except for security in age), but is exacabated by the offspring now smelling sexually mature and the resulting in the instinctive politics. Both child and adults(s) know it is nest leaving, mate finding time. This is also true when the adult offspring actually do leave the nest. The animal roles of the people have reached a time of change.
It might be good to mentioned here that another reason for being attracted to people whose immune system pheromone smell is very different from their own. One of the effects is it makes inbreeding far less likely to happen. A test was conducted where several family groups were asked to wear unmarked t-shirts for a couple of days. Then the test group was asked to smell the t-shirts without knowing who had worn them. People consistantly found the smell of sexually mature blood relatives the least attractive. What smells bad to your relatives might well smell good to a potential mate. Another thing to mention is if a person does genuinely have a unpleasant body odour (B.O.), it is caused by certain bacteria feeding on the oily pheromone secretions and is NOT the persons personal smell. Help for this curable condition can be found at the chemist or pharmacy.
Another human "cuckoo bird" pattern, by the why, is for a mate to choose a mate who is well established in resources, and may have offspring with them as a pay off, but females may stray with a better smelling mate especially, it has been found, near ovulation (subconsciously on all parts), and for males, younger fitter (breeding age) females.

Another interesting sex fact is that the frontal lobes of the brain (the bit that does higher thinking such as mathematics, problem solving, art) actually shuts down when people are in a sexually aroused state. The primal part of the brain ( the reptilian part at the brain stem) and the limbic part (with mammalian behaviours and more complex emotions) light up like a Christmas tree in an EEG test, while the lights refuse to shine for the frontal lobes. Peoples ability to think logically or with higher more abstract concepts greatly diminishes. There is an obvious evolutionary explanation for this. Humanity for millenia has been trying to outwit nature in the process of having the enjoyable thrills of sex without the production of young, the reason nature made such an odd activity enjoyable. Obviously people have outwitted nature in the past to the point that no offspring were produced. However, certain sections DID produce young, and they were the people whose frontal lobes were impaired when they were aroused, making mistakes and not sticking to the plan. Thus we are stupefied when in a state of lust. Natural evolution can be intellectually fascinating!

Does anyone know what prevents prolactin produced during orgasm causing lactation in men and woman?
Or what chemical changes occur to shut down the frontal lobe activity during sexual arousal?

A good reference book on the topics is "The Science of Orgasm". Not sure of the publisher or authors (2).

Giggling Rain

Let it just be me
Standing alone
And giggling in the rain.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bloody deed

The bloody deed was done
In the dead of the night
I don't know why
He didn't try and fight
He looked right passed me
With a dead man's stare
Ghost of his scream
In the frozen air.

One liners

If you are highly cynical about everything you are actually highly niave. And probably discontent.

Take the shit life gives you and go and grow a garden.

I don't understand, I stand under and wonder.

Whether your parents treated you well or badly is their problem. It was them being themselves and creating their own story. Its your job to be You and create your own story.

The only true and complete way to "destroy" an enemy is to make them a genuine friend.
The first step is to want to understand. A compassionate sense of humour can help.

We are All stuck with each other Forever. We can make that harder or easier for ourselves. Everything knows, we've got Time.

What will you be thinking of your new lover and/or adversary in a decade? In your old age? What do you think of what has gone before? And what you see ahead? Will you always see it the same? If you aren't sure, ask someone who has been in a similar position some time ago.

The only form of revenge that is truly sating is Healing. All other forms makes the wound worse and therefore becomes insatible.
Healing includes focussing on the damage, taking action to protect and heal it, looking back at what caused it, learning from it, taking action to prevent a repeat (such as healing the sharp edge), so you can reduce the fear of it.

Humanity is a piece of graffiti the cosmos did when it was young.

All the world's a stage you go through.