Monday, June 15, 2009

One liners

If you are highly cynical about everything you are actually highly niave. And probably discontent.

Take the shit life gives you and go and grow a garden.

I don't understand, I stand under and wonder.

Whether your parents treated you well or badly is their problem. It was them being themselves and creating their own story. Its your job to be You and create your own story.

The only true and complete way to "destroy" an enemy is to make them a genuine friend.
The first step is to want to understand. A compassionate sense of humour can help.

We are All stuck with each other Forever. We can make that harder or easier for ourselves. Everything knows, we've got Time.

What will you be thinking of your new lover and/or adversary in a decade? In your old age? What do you think of what has gone before? And what you see ahead? Will you always see it the same? If you aren't sure, ask someone who has been in a similar position some time ago.

The only form of revenge that is truly sating is Healing. All other forms makes the wound worse and therefore becomes insatible.
Healing includes focussing on the damage, taking action to protect and heal it, looking back at what caused it, learning from it, taking action to prevent a repeat (such as healing the sharp edge), so you can reduce the fear of it.

Humanity is a piece of graffiti the cosmos did when it was young.

All the world's a stage you go through.


  1. It's ok for shit to happen, it will decompose :)

  2. I am neither cynical, discontent, naive or any negative aspect. I am exhausted beyond memory however, and irrepressibly sentimental; and given my exhaustion, additionally prone to romantic reflexes inherent in my nature; initiated by the open and rare communication afforded me. Please don't mistake these statements as justifications; they are expressed to consolidate and resolve respective concerns. I have all but abolished negative terminology from my vocab in regards to approaches like revenge as stated. Creative Expression, or Dynamic Dialectic techniques are far more responsible substitutes to vindictive measures of any reference in my eye. But, before it seems like I am dismissing the intensity of others' experiences, the recent association has been eminently fulfilling to me, in dispelling a notion of 'trauma being relative'; a statement of which was made amidst the chaos that forged my destiny. I am fortified by my experiences whereas some are unable to place anything resembling merit in theirs, and thus suppressed into stasis; which i state not from idle speculation of any degree, but intense observations of people affected in said ways; varying from relative distress to immeasurable obsession; and additionally how even just a moment of genuine sensitivity; be it acknowledgement or recognition; has brought people in said states from the brink of places immeasurably void. I have applied and apply these sensitivities being compassionate fundamentally, and actively should requests or circumstances require it; and often reasons/circumstances are manifested in unusual or clandestine - or in laymans terms - unconscious, or veiled ways. For those whose consciousnesses has been raised by perculiar adversity and reinforced with formidable survival urges; being aware of these ways, can impound perceptions, and thus compound interactive abilities, and compromise accordingly. Whether this missive be considered overly platudinous, prolific, or perhaps contrived in some way; if such enquiries are directed with said considerations; i find it important to consider 'in'directive enquiries as a more productive methodology should disconcertments be raised regarding them. To question one's self is one's responsibility, or to lighten up, the sure way to go. Moderately, I state relatively, that I am aiming to circumvent the suppressive element that inducts the unrealistic urge to protect via communication, rather than accept, or ideally embrace affection of any sort; without ambiguity or ambivalence. This is a societal dilemma, not a personal projection I'm presenting; which i iterate out of consideration. The onus is on our generation to express emotively and responsibly, which is daunting, given the respect needed to understand what drove generation W to suppress their emotions from us. I could have nutshelled by saying that much of my angst involves feeling humanity's angst, but the opportunity to elaborate is appreciated, even if misconstrued. thankyou either way.