Friday, June 19, 2009

Magic Carpets and Coloured Streets

There is a gold or silver thread available. It could be used to make gold and or silver carpets. In sure there would be a large market for it in certain demographics, or businesses such as restaurants or hotels. Patterned carpets could use it for a subtler effect, or mats. With research other metal shades could be used, such as brass (some people love brass), copper, white gold, etc. Curtains and upholstery could be another niche market.

Dyed concrete is another designer idea. If dye was mixed into the concrete it would become more attractive and reduce glare. Better then painting, which wears away, the colour would be permanent and require no maintenance. Its pale grey colour is very conducive to the task. Colours could range from subtle pastels all the way through to intense colours and black. The colouring would then be used appropriately for whatever construction it is being used for. It could reduce accidents on pavements by reducing glare. It could be used to beautify constructions that are universally renowned for their ugliness, making the population, workers and users more happy and productive, and also be conducive to getting permission for a construction that would otherwise be considered an eyesore by both the counsel and potentially protesting populations.

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  1. Follow the yellow brick road
    Follow the yellow brick road
    Follow, follow, follow........

    Id love to live in a more colorful world. One thing that truly annoys me is seeing dull grey walls that have been specifically designed to discourage graffitti or to assist in its removal. Particulary in Melbourne, we should be protecting and preserving all this wonderful, imaginative art. Not paying killjoys to go out and paint the town grey on weekends.