Friday, April 9, 2010

Cooling Forest Fires

Here is an idea for reducing the severity of wild fires, bushfires and forest fires where they are very common. Anywhere that has had several instances of severe heat fires, especially where it was so hot it was difficult for the plants to rejuvenate or regerminate, replanting the hot spots with fire resistant plants or stone structures such as roads or walls, may well be an idea for cooling future fires.
This could save home and land owners, governments and insurance brokers a small fortune in finances and human cost.
With global warming tipping the balance gently, it could be wise to buffer up the hot spots like that, just to tip it back the other way again. To do the full effort to counteract global warming through deforestation, planting a multilevel living biomass of fire resistant plants could help absorb some of the greenhouse gases. Some fire resistant plants are cash crops.

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