Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Braille Body Map of the Chakras

Chakras are "wheels" of energy located throughout the body. They are associated with different vibrations, starting with the highest vibrations at the top, down to the lowest vibrations at the bottom. Just like with particle physics, things that are vibrating fast tend to become gaseous or liquid (less solidly manifest), and things that vibrate slowly become denser (more solid, recognisably physical). Like the particle speed in steam as opposed to the particle speed in ice. Chi is the name for the energy that flows through these chakras, so the sensations of them are activated, which helps when they are being located.

Can't find your chakras? Not sure they are really there?

This is to help you find your chakras in your body in a practical description of the directions.

Base Chakra
This is where you feel the need to go to the toilet, or sexual arousal. It is called your root chakra, and it is your lowest major chakra. It can be felt down to the knees or further, and it is your grounding point. It has the slowest vibration, and all about manifesting things into the physical world (hence sex and childbirth, also bodily wastes). It is an earth element. It is from here that the you ground yourself in the physical world, via the chakras on the soles of your feet (or why feet tend to be sensitive or ticklish). The base chakra pulls the earth energy up through the feet, exactly like a root.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra is what is sometimes referred to as the "pit of your stomach". It is where you can feel your stomach drop with disappointment, or bubble up with excitement (butterflies in your stomach). It can be mistaken for "love", but it is lower down then your heart. It is where the womb area is on a woman. It is associated with sex, but it is more the energy and drive behind sex (I personally think it means digested food being turned into physical body/mass, action, or procreation, because it is also where you feel "turned off food", or drive{for food}). If you are a woman, it is where you feel period pain. It is associated with creativity. It is associated with the element of water (bladder, stomach, womb), being more emotive and higher vibrational.

Solar plexus

This is your centre, where "you" are. Anyone who has done yoga or martial arts for any time probably knows where their core strength lies. It is associated with digestion. It is where you feel you personal drives and opinions, where you feel your restlessness and determination. It is your will. Being a higher vibration again, it is associated with the element of fire (body heat from carbohydrates, I guess, on one level). It is the sun's energy, and is sort of like "id" or maybe "ego" in psychology. It is what is "I". If you point at yourself saying "I", you are probably pointing at your solar plexus. It is your centre, about where your belly button is, or a bit above, and when you firmly decide something, it is the bit that feels like the "firmly" of the decision.

Heart Chakra

This one is easy to describe. It is where you feel love. When you see something (a favourite pastime, a great passion, a treasured possession) or someone you love (your pet, or child, or lover, or parent), or give or receive a wanted hug, your heart "opens up", sometimes "until it could burst". That spot opening up with good feelings in your chest is your heart chakra. If you feel someone is emotionally attacking you or you think of something emotionally distressing, you can feel it close down and shrink like a closing flower to defend itself. It is associated with air, and the "breath of the soul".

Throat Chakra

This is the chakra of self expression, or creative expression. It is easy to locate. Put a hand gently across your throat and make a sound. Where you feel the sound vibrating is where your throat chakra is. It is like a mini version of all the chakras, with different tones (high and low sounds) effecting different vibrational rates, and therefore different chakras. The sounds are like keys, unlocking high vibrations with high sounds, and low vibrations with low sounds. It is associated with ether (spirit).

Third Eye

This is another commonly known of chakra, although many don't always understand it. If you need to, close your eyes. Imagine something, a face or place from your memory (like your Grandmothers house, or a childhood friend), the last dream you had, a plan for tomorrow. Or imagine a purple giraffe sticking it's head over your shoulder (for instance). The spot where you are getting the picture in your head is your third eye. For some it at the front of their head, for others it is the back. It is where we visualise anything that is not physically in front of us. So memories, daydreams, dreams, ideas of the future, visions, ideas, imagining or anything like that is found at it's centre. It is associated with ether.

Crown Chakra

This is the chakra at the top of your head that aligns you with the Cosmic Knowing. When you are thinking hard about something you feel a joy for (as opposed to worrying), and you make a realisation, this is where you feel a "rush" of energy and information, or expansion of your mind. If you having a fascinating conversation with someone on a topic you love (usually with rapid talking and agreement), and you receive a piece of information about it that "clicks into place", that "rushing up" of the mind feeling at the top of your head is your crown chakra. It is where your mind "expands", when 'the penny drops'. A "flight of the mind" can feel like soaring at the top of your head. It is associated with the ether.

I hope that helped clarify what is meant in your physical being by the various chakras. Base, solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye are the easiest to find. A great site to visit for more information and a great meditation is www.SacredCentres.com particulatarly the sample of the DVD The Illuminated Chakras.

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