Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Painting the Desert Posts

In many places in the world there are long, straight and featureless roads passing through grasslands, farmlands, and deserts. These stretches are notorious for people nodding off at the wheel, and for vehicle breakdowns where the person does not see another vehicle for days. Both have proven deadly. My idea is to put shady sculptures beside the roads every 20km with a water spout, especially for desert roads. It would help people give their eyes and minds a rest from the road. It would also help people survive if their car breaks down. Also, many people have difficulty explaining where they are on a featureless landscape if they call for help on a mobile. Putting features in is a great way to explain eg. "I'm at the mermaid between the giant .T.v. and the flamingos".
It could be a money earner too! Imagine the tourists taking happy snaps. It would good for the tourist industry in the towns and cities that these roads lead to. To install them, the government can make it a project for arts students, technical college students and even high school students. People have told me they would love to do that for free, just to have their name on it. If the initiative payed for the materials only, there would still be plenty of volunteers.

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