Sunday, June 21, 2009

Aura fields of society

This idea may be too progressive for the more conservative in our society.
The idea is to photograph the auras of people who are going in or out of hospital for any reason, physical or mental. Also anyone who is going in or out of prison or simply under arrest. Also people in drug rehabilitation. Also students at any school regularly. This is particularly for people in an unstable state, so that as a community can see if their unhealthy behaviour or state is caused by any imbalances in their energies. Firstly for research, but hopefully so we can discover what is needed in the rehabilitation of the criminal, the unhealthy or the stray. If patterns are found, and comparisons can be made, it may help in various sciences, such as psychology and quantum physics and biology. There are "fringe" healing techniques (such as raiki, aura healers, mystical healing, prayer, meditation etc) that may be able to help develop the procedures for dealing with obvious imbalances. We could learn a lot and save a lot of time and grief across the board in our shared society.
For the sceptics, or the non-believers, if they are sure it wouldn't enlighten us at all, what would be harm of a trial run for a few years be if there is (possibly) nothing in it? And if there is something to learn, would you put someone to death if they said the world isn't flat? One way or the other the argument would be finally be put to rest. Wouldn't that be worth it?
It might be worthwhile to have a control group of upright citizens, high I.Q. and low I.Q., and different career types.


  1. With respect, the reason I hate this idea has nothing to do with beleifs in auras.
    I wouldnt want to live in a world where I could be judged by my aura, Im sure it wouldnt be dull grey enough for the rest of the world. Im sure yours wouldnt be either. Reminds me of that "upright citizen" adolf hitler who had similiar ideas about using the shape of peoples heads, bumps etc to protect his nation.

    If I havent said it yet then Id like to add that I love your website because it makes me think and i enjoy your poetry.

  2. It would just be a study like a medical survey with a view to remedy. Surely a sociologist or doctor or remedial therapist doing research or enquiring about your medical history cant seriously be percieved as a threat! The stats available to cancer researchers or the heart foundation is information to be shared for the benefit of all. If there is a common problem or pattern in the research, a common solution can be arrived at. It is better to know then to not know.

  3. Everyones auras change constantly. I've just discovered I have a masculine aura.