Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glow in the dark edges and peacock head-dresses

Marking edges and indicating objects in the dark with glow in the dark paint.

Painting glow in the dark edges or surfaces that are likely to be walked into or hard to find (like a light switch door or door knob) when walking in the dark (coming home at night, for instance). It could be used as a safety measure. So if u keep bumping into the kitchen bench or pillar in the dark as you get a drink at night or go to bed, mark it some appropriate way to taste with glow in the dark paint and your problem is solved.
Painting glow in the dark paint design to indicate light switches is also a good idea. So is marking a hard to find door, doorknob or lock. The design in that is completely up to you and your inclination. I would keep in mind that the more surface area painted with glow in the dark paint the greater the glow, so choose the design according how much glow you want, as well as whatever way u feel like doing it. If u want to paint something but can't because it isn't yours like your parents house or you are renting etc., You can paint a picture or an object and stick hang or place it appropriately.

Peacock feather head-dress

I was imagining a peacock feather head-dress sort of like the classic native American chieftain (in the style of movies with a similar mane of feathers) but instead of whatever bird of prey the classic head-dresses have, have peacock feathers. U could have a mane like display of peacock feathers, just like a peacock with their tail open, starting with smaller feathers at the bottom. I would choose a dark or shiny natural material to secure the base. I'm thinking course silk and lace but someone else might think metal or leather or semi-precious stones. You could use other feathers as well. Raven feathers would be cool! Lyre bird (theft, not murder!) feathers would be pretty over the top!
You could actually put peacock feather head wear into a myriad of other styles inspired by what we've found and is out there and also what can be done. If I could be bothered, I could look at all forms of feather styling thru all cultures and time and doing my own version with peacock feathers.
Anybody who thinks peacock feathers are unlucky (Such as inside where the eye of the peacock feather can cast its evil stare over all) are really missing out. Peacock feathers are a beautiful product of nature that do give us a glimpse of how awesome the cosmos can be, and if they are scared of something that gives so much, I think that's something that's not good. The superstition does more harm then the wondrous feather!

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