Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weightloss tips

Your brain takes up approximately 20% of your energy. Its also the part of your body that is crucial to maintain homeostasis for. A great way to burn extra kilojoules without exersising is to think very hard on a difficult problem. Mulling over a difficult problem while exersising would of course increase weightloss. It will relieve the boredom of exersising if it isnt "your thing" as well as relieve the stress hormones produced from focussing on the difficult problem (esp. if it relates to you personally).
If you are interested in weightloss, putting a mirror on your fridge or pantry at head height might make you have to look yourself in the eye every time you wish to indulge. Moderation in all things is the age old advice.


  1. Hilarious. Its funny how society is obsessed with weight loss, say as opposed to "looking healthy", "balanced", "in shape" etc. If you LOOSE wight, or LOOSE anything, what does the mind tend to think? I must go and find it again. No wonder weight loss is likened to war and suffering.

  2. This theory could also help people wanting to gain weight. The classical Ectomorphic pesonality just thinks too much. If your lightly muscled, flat chested, and overly thin then all you have to do to gain weight is still your mind and stop thinking all time. Consider budda, he was able to empty his mind of all thoughts and he was a fatty.