Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Windpower and transport

Wind power is perfect for transport. A wind turbine for the purposes of producing electricity that is set in a fixed spot, the current convention, as wonderful as it is, is only capable of producing at 30 -80% capacity depending on the current of the wind. However, if you put that same turbine on a moving object, as soon as you have any momentum on that object, you have a guaranteed 100% capacity due to the current of air moving around that object. Due to practicalilties one large turbine would be cumbersome, weighty and potentially dangerous. However smaller turbines are not only more efficient due to the fact that they are lighter but can be placed more effectively. Many small turbines would be the answer to produce enough power to move a substantial object. You could also employ ventilation systems to channel the air to the best effect. With the conrolled air paths you could utilise the air flow to help the vehicle propel forward. The laws of physics does bring resistance into play, which must be taken into account. However, this apparent problem, with skillful design, could also be used to help to propel the vehicle along.

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