Friday, October 30, 2009

Cat Shields for Keyboards

There is a problem every computer using person has who lives with a cat. At certain times, like if you have been working on the computer for a length of time, the cat will inevitably come and walk on, sit on or otherwise interfere with your keyboard. It could be because the computer is warm, which makes it a suitable sleeping spot in the cat's perspective. It could also be because the cat thinks staring at the screen for ages is interfering with your cat worshipping. Or it is showing concern for your health. The computer sounds different to the cat then to you, so that could be it. Or it is just being cattish. However, it is a real problem of nuisance proportions, as many a strange mess has been created for documents, music etc. I have an idea for a solution.
A clear plastic (or glass) dome that sits over the keyboard, with space for hands, wires, disk drive and mouse. It might make some things look a bit bifocal, but the slippery slopes of the dome will stop feline interference quite adequately. I also think that there is a huge demographic of people who have the problem, they would be very cheap to produce (recycled of course), and would make an excellent gift for the person who has everything, as well as for those of simple means. An earner, with the right publicity.

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  1. I find it impossible to keep pussy off computers lol! but Neway I love your idea! it would look very trippy :)I have another idea, it would be very easy to write some software that would repel cats. Im sure there would be a ultrasonic frequency that shits cats but humans cant hear! we're talking a only a few lines of code! if you wanted to make it more sophisticated you could use a web cam as a motion sensor so that if the cat walked into range it would blast him with sound waves. Another idea would be to wipe ur keyboard with eucalytus oil, lavender, what ever cats hate.