Saturday, October 31, 2009

Magnum Our Hero

Magnum was an old man
A wise and gentle Grandpa
From a half forgotten lifetime.
A homemade raggedy Andy
With wears and patches
Like a familiar slipper.
He had the lion heart
Of a thousand kindly patriarchs
And would pat down your hair
While his own was as tufty and unkempt
As an Arctic teddy bear.
He'd scold with steady stares
And turned backs and sulks
Because he was soft, and cared.
He would give cuddles
As warm as a summer holiday.
Bitten and wounded by hounds
We found him, even in such a state
He prevented a violent outbreak
Like a injured Greek God
Humble with understanding
He healed because he was harmed
(Loki would never have such, or any friend).
We took you in, but it was us that were lost
And orphaned, it was you who
Nursed us back to love and health.
When the injury returned
Like a watered down time warp of fear,
A single bite, infected and effective,
You pragmatically tied up a goodbye
And took your leave
Like you were visiting an old friend
For a forgettable while.

Magnum, RIP Oct 2009.

Oct 31, 2009

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