Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Proof of Einsteins's Last Frontier

Recently, Einstein's Theory was finally proved by years of effort by the space travelling and engineering scientists. The formed a very nearly perfect sphere, which took ages, took it into space and did some tests on it's effect on the space time continuum as a mass, the results proving that yes, Einstein was right mass does bend or pull the space time continuum towards itself. This is very interesting stuff, and I recommend further research (try www.spaceandmotion.com ) or media on the recent events, such as www.newscientist.com for instance.
This is very interesting on a more lateral level, because not only does the mass of our own dear planet bend the space time continuum (made more interesting by the fact that it is moving), but so does every other mass object in space and time in our universe. Stars, galaxies, planets, moons, and dark matter (that will be very relevant in the future).
I am going to supposition here that it lends weight (excuse the pun) to the ideas of the ancient stargazers. If these masses are bending the space time continuum, surely the position of the sun and the moon and the earth in relative relation to each other would influence the effects on our world and ourselves? Maybe also the other planets, light (energy) bent from the solar system and the milky way could also have their effect in due course. Maybe a constellation might not have that strong an effect (theoretically) individually, but the milky way as a whole surely would, and maybe the area of the constellation may have a different hue of influence. It might not be exactly the effect the old world would have indicated (such as a personality disposition or a likelihood of a kind of event), but it would be an effect. Also, other schools of astronomical legends, such as the Australian Aboriginals, concentrate on the dark spaces between the stars, which is an area of a lack of bent space time continuum waves, which could have an effect, even if it is riddled with dark matter.
I might add here that you, as a mass, must be bending the waves of the space time continuum (towards you), whether or not you are still (simple) or moving (complex). Full on, hey! I wonder if living energy of ATP processing (glucose burning, high vibration activity) is effected by the phenomena in an unusual way? If it is, does the neural activity of thought bend (with) the time space continuum?
I wonder if the waves (or vibrations) of the space time continuum effect the waves (or vibrations) of the mass or matter (which is one thing that has mass) it bends towards? What happens if you take the concept to a (super) microscopic or macroscopic level? Does the microscopic mass on mass (no pun intended) interface with macroscopic mass(es)? It is pondersome, and of course needs further research.

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