Monday, August 31, 2009

Facts Of Life

In old age, people who are actively involved in, and contributing to, a strong, healthy, and supportive community live longer with a better quality of life and health. This is whether or not they are in a romantic relationship. In fact, elderly people in an insular relationship which they rely upon get sicker and die earlier, especially when their partner dies or is removed (like hospital or nursing home). The obvious advice is to get actively (usefully is best) involved in the caring community around you, especially as you get older. It is a reason to maintain personal health and hygiene standards, and people will notice if you are getting unhealthy, having a difficult time, or even stop showing up, and will step in to assist, especially if you are a valuable member. Get involved in things that have the most meaning to you, as this is what you will find most fulfilling for your mind, body, and soul, and where you will have the best effect.

In the first 6 weeks of retirement, more people die, or become stressed mentally and physically. This is especially so if their career was the only or most important thing in their life. If they based who they are on what their job was, they are in jeopardy, as they feel lost. The huge change especially for the routine orientated older person often leads to heart attacks etc. The best thing is to get into mentoring, that is teaching skills to newcomers in their career, to help ease them into a slower pace, and fulfil an important obligation: passing on what they know and have learnt from experience. Also, indulging in forgotten hobbies and new experiences and pastimes helps prevent Alzheimer's (severe memory loss).

Women's life dependency statistically decreases if she is involved with a man, whereas a man's life expectancy increases if he is involved with a woman. The only advice is whether or not you are male or female, single or attached, look after yourself as if you really matter. It is your responsibility and your responsibility alone. In fact, no one else can feel what your body feels, so they really can't do it for you.

A woman's chances of being murdered is increased by 10 times at the altar. Most murders happen between family members, and it's usually the husband (or ex-husband) who is murdering the wife (or ex-wife). It's really important to be sure the guy you are hitching your wagon to is level headed and respectful, realistic and expressive!

Most personal attack (hate) crimes such as child molestation (which is more often perpetuated by a family member, often young themselves, or family friend), robbery (often sleight-of-hand or white collar), rape, confidence tricks or other abuse are not a matter of grab-them-and-hold-them-down. They are seductive in nature, blurring the boundaries and confusing the victim or victims. They will try to infiltrate into the potential victim's emotional trust zone. Abusers can be, and more often are, very charming. The advice is try and not be too readily charmed, part with nothing and try to avoid risky choices like letting them in your home. If a lot of plying charm is flying around, ask why. Charmers are often dodgy.

The wealthier the people are, the less children they have. The super poor and working class breed more heavily with less means (no entertainment, education or contraceptives?), the middle and upper mid-socio-economic range have children according to what they can afford in schooling and other moderate ambitions, and the wealthy are either busy ruling the place or can't seem to find one another in the castle! Try to stay balanced, if that suits you.

Waking up is the most dangerous time in the day. When waking, your body (and brain) is going through a stressful process of going from a suspended animation state to an active state. It's like deep sea diving or taking off in a rocket, harsh on the being. That's why it is prime time for heart attacks and strokes. So, take it easy, no harsh alarm clocks or mad dashes, give yourself half an hour or so just for the gentle process of waking up.

The most dangerous place for accidents in the stable first world is the home. It's there that people are not in public (where they also have less assistance) so they take more risks, feel safe so they drop their guard, no or little worker's standards or public safety laws, are more likely to be intoxicated more heavily, and get more carried away with their emotional life. The best advice is to think when you go to do something at home (esp. alone), what advice would a good sensible friend, parent or co-worker give you. Also, check if your house is safe as a government department office (no tears in the carpet, exposed wires, dodgy hot spots, clear walkways, clean up clutter etc).

A survivor of sexual abuse, the most intimate form of betrayal, react sexually after escaping in two ways. Either they become understandably frigid, shunning any activity, and conservative, suspicious (even paranoid) and depressed, or they become highly sexual, displaying predatory and/or risk taking behaviour. It's often a devil-may-care, I don't matter (only the pain does), get-them-before-they-get-you attitude. Often it is a way of expressing and releasing their anger. It's the ones that have the most denial of being attacked that become the most sexually aggressive. If you are the friend or family member of someone displaying such behaviour talk to them about it AFTER doing some research, and get them to a counsellor who deals with sexual assault or post traumatic stress disorder as soon as possible. If the symptoms blossom to their full velocity, the regrets will be compounded by further regrets, whether they are frigid or predatory. If you notice the symptoms in yourself, do yourself a favour and seek professional help. The reactions are perfectly natural, but not useful to you in the long run. The result if it goes unchecked can be a regrettable and painful waste of your life, time, talents and self esteem. It is also a good to go to an alternative health specialist who deals with energy, such as an acupuncture, aura healing, breath worker, prayer healer or shaman, as the soul's energy has probably been damaged.

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