Sunday, December 6, 2009

Irish Glass Blowers

Because of the relatively recent G.F.C. (global financial crisis), glass blowers in Ireland have lost the glass blowing company that had fuelled their community. As the glass blowers are already skilled, I have an idea (God help us all!).
If the glass blowers of Ireland set up cottage industries blowing "hand-made" drinking glasses, mugs and jugs for Guinness beer and loudly put "Made in Ireland" or "Made in Eire" on it, it would sell really well. There are people of Irish heritage that are living all over the world who want anything that reminds them of their roots. Particularly in America and Australia or other previous colonies of the U.K. There are also a lot of people who drink beer. There are also a lot of Irish pubs all over the world. Hand-made products also have a "specialness" about them, like something from the "old days". There are a lot of already made business paths to sell the products via, such as bottle shops, Irish pubs and the usual housewares specialists. You could make them a "must have" for Irish pubs with a campaign along the lines of "It isn't real Guinness if it isn't in an Irish mug".

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