Friday, December 11, 2009

Renewable Energy for the Poor Nations

If poor villages in impoverished countries want green electricity in their community I have a few suggestions to get it happening. Renewable energy systems are perfect for their situations if they live in isolated small villages as individual mini systems can be put in separately. If enough happen, they can be put on a grid. Wind power, solar power and methane generators are perfect.

One way is to get a charity, or to create a charity, where people or organisations can "Give Power to the Poor", so that the village clinic, school and/or community centre can have a power supply. Of course it would be tax deductible and with advertising rights.

Another way is to create a cottage industry for the locals, like with micro-economic loans, where a workshop with the power supply supplying power. That way, by making their product they can buy the stuff back for their own benefit. As this is actively more empowering then a charitable handout system, it may get more co-operation from proud people. However, consulting the people about which power supply and which industry is probably wise, as trying to impose it on them is just rude. When looking at products to produce, local resources are a key factor. If there is lots of sand and not much water, glass products could be better then nurseries. If there is lots of water but not much metal, nurseries or pickled fish may be the way.

Another way is to do a swap. If they work for a certain time for the U.N. or a charity, they, as a community can earn themselves a wind turbine, or solar panels, or a methane generator. That way, again, it isn't just a handout, and helps the people feel like they got it themselves, which is resentment free for all involved and dignified.


  1. The Global Financial Crisis is a symptom of peak oil.
    Peak oil happens 35 years after the peak in discoveries. Peak discoveries happened in 1968. Peak oil happened in 2005. Half the oil remains, but the rate of extraction will decrease from now on. Demand will increase. There can be no more economic growth. Therefore banks will not be able to charge interest, as interest assumes that the future will be bigger than the present.
    Now you know more than most pollies.