Sunday, December 6, 2009

NASA Technology

So far, we have achieved a lot in the space technology department. We have gone from weather balloons in the early days, to moon landings, space stations and satellite technology, that is used every day by a vast amount of people. The key substances used for these frontier pushing explorations is something we have had for millenia: metals and metal alloys. Since the iron age we have used these things. However, there is a question I have here: Why, when we are going into the domain of lifting things off the ground and moving them about like asteroids, are we using some of the heaviest and densest substances we know? Strength is one reason, but hard things are brittle, which isn't necessarily the best type of strength available. I suggest using other types of substances. That stuff called "frozen smoke" is an area that could be experimented with. Organic shapes and flow could be looked at. Ocean animal shapes, especially the fast moving, could be looked at. Air compression devices could be created by observing the breathing systems of deep diving animals.
There has also been research into telekinetics (using quantum wave/not wave) which has only been partly successful. I think research into ancient "beliefs" about energy transference could bare fruit here. Energetic "counter weighting" could be a concept of use, like dark matter. I think a "new" understanding of energy and dimension could be the next stage. Looking at ideas from very old times such as early peoples and civilisations who achieved near impossible feats with current quantum ideas could bring us back into a Renaissance of times gone deep into the past. Anyway, there is food for thought.

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